How to get organized and to maintain it

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Give all of your things a home

Most people dislike clutter. Seeing too much of it makes them anxious, and that’s why often junk drawers emerge. The driving force is the necessity of seeing clear surfaces. After the motto 'out of sight out of mind.' However, if you try to find something in these drawers, it can get tricky.

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Declutter your belongings

'Less is more' - you probably already heard this sentence a million times. Advertisements make us believe that we need more things to be happy. However, the opposite is often true. The fewer material possessions you own, the more relaxed you can organize your space and maintain it.

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Be conscious of your prime real estate

Real estate in New York City is expensive, and that’s why most apartments tend to be smaller and have limited kitchen, bathroom and bedroom storage. With this in mind, I recommend you to think twice what to keep and then where to store your things in the future.