Kati is the German Marie Kondo. She possesses the rare combination of empathy and efficiency with a deep passion for systems and tidiness. The mix of these qualities produced an amazing result: Purging unnecessary items followed by the clever organization of our kitchen, closets, and cabinets. Our new setup is making a huge difference in our quality of life, which we notice literally every single day. I can highly recommend Kati and hope you get to work with her. 

Nora Abousteit, CEO & founder of Craftjam I Manhattan, ny

My experience of organizing my possessions with Kati was very uplifting and freeing. We first discussed what part of the process of sorting I was — what I was willing to give away and what was still important for me to keep. She met me in my difficulties as I made a choice for each individual item, which in my case was clothes, books and kitchenware. I felt at ease to find a real answer to why I wanted to keep some things and how I could arrange them in a way that made the daily routine more enjoyable when I have to choose what to wear or what to read. The most difficult moments, where I didn't know if I should keep something or give it away, we found a compromise of leaving things in a storage box that I should keep away for a few months and if I found I didn't need them I could give away later. Kati also gave me suggestions on how I could incorporate more wholesome materials that don't harm the environment, so that when I eat at work, I can feel like the materials I use are not only useful for myself, but are reusable. Now I feel that in my day-to-day life I no longer have such a negative impact on the environment as before.

Daniel Neves Carrapa, Risk Analyst I Manhattan, NY

Kati will organize you!

When I first ran into Kati at a social event, I knew that the kitchen was the worst room in my Manhattan apartment.  It was overstuffed with items and my storage was insufficient.  Even though I’m not a cook, the kitchen seemed equipped more for getting tangled up in than for unpacking take-out, making sandwiches, heating things in the microwave or preparing snacks.  I longed to change it but didn’t know how to begin.

Kati came with a marvelous can do attitude, and quickly had me going along with her determination to deal successfully not just with the most overcrowded areas but with the entire kitchen as a system.  Over the course of a couple of days, we emptied each cabinet and shelf, cleaned, looked over every item and decided what was in actual use and what was redundant.  Together we discarded a great many things — expired packaged foods, cooking utensils I’d never touched in nine years, extra plates and glasses and so on.  

Kati took a new approach with how to place things so that everything I use a lot were in easy reach in the cabinets above the sink.  She “shopped my own closets” and found storage bins that were no longer used for clothes and repurposed them to hold cleaning supplies; instead of being jumbled on open shelving, these now live in the bins neatly rowed on the shelves.

She was very hands-on and did the kneeling and lifting and carrying that I was unable to attempt.  For the first time since I moved in nine years ago, she helped me tackle the low cabinets and create order.  

Kati is energetic, resourceful, gently persuasive (and all her suggestions about discarding things were good ones!) and nurturing.  She managed our time and energy, making sure we used our scheduled hours together to the best purpose.

The result is that now my kitchen is usable, orderly, attractive and fits in with the rest of my apartment, with a place for everything and nothing kept that wasn’t in use.

I’d recommend Kati’s services highly, for help in organizing any part of a home or office.

Nancy Kay Shapiro, Writer I Manhattan, NY

I hired Kati primarily to deal with my clothes. I enjoy to dress and express and had gotten sick of the giant disconnect between my love for clothes and the way I treated them for lack of time and space.
Kati has studied and internalized everything there is to know about organizing, is meticulous and has devised her own strategies for different categories. But what is most remarkable is her emotional intelligence, her astute sense of what makes *me* (a person) tick, hence enabled me to not only deal with the items at the moment but to maintain order. The number of shoes I have amassed over the years made me giggle with nervous surprise (over 90 pairs) because most of them had been hidden for many years. While Kati encouraged getting rid of some, she impressed me by acknowledging for "my love" for all shoes and set the goal to create space for me to actually see and enjoy them, to instead identify and lose items with no emotional attachment.
Kati left me with a list of achievable goals, and a new behavior toward shopping and order that feels completely custom made. This can be an intimate process and I cannot think of a more respectful, intelligent and sensitive person to do it with.

Julia röhl, Editorial Magazine Production i Brooklyn, ny


I have to say I was a little nervous because I had never had a decluttering session in my life and I always had a hard time to let go of things. But working with Kati was great!
She was patient and empathetic but insistent enough to help me let go of things I wasn't loving nor using enough. She also helped me find a system to improve my wardrobe storing my clothes in a much clearer way to make everyday decisions so much easier and quicker. Her follow-up emails were very thorough and she even came up with some more amazing ideas for improving my wardrobe-space. I still have a lot of work to do, but thanks to Kati I already feel like I am on the right path to a more structured and tranquil life and would highly recommend hiring her to everyone.

Felicia christensen, Language Teacher and Coach i brooklyn, ny


I was extremely pleased to have the help of Kati with my bedroom closet and book shelves. I have lots of trouble with getting rid of stuff I really don't need and she made a big difference in all my clothes and books. All by myself I was so overwhelmed and didn't know where to start to conquer the chaos. With a 1-on-1 coaching process, Kati guided me step by step through the big mess. In the end, the room was tidy, I could easily find clothes and objects because everything now has a home. This makes me feel more confident. I absolutely recommend working with Kati!

Sofia Guedes da Costa, Medical doctor I porto, portugal

Kati helped me get rid of many useless things that were filling up this large drawer underneath the TV in the living room. My family and I were using it to stuff all the junk into (old cables, outdated manuals, broken remote controls, etc.) — and for years just forgot about it.
After the drawer was emptied out, we could use it to keep the Xbox 360 and accessories that we don't use every day but still want to reach and find easily. Now the living room looks much tidier and pleasant.
Another room that Kati helped me with was my bedroom. We tackled the pile of things that were on top of my wardrobe — a collection of miscellaneous items, like suitcases, garden chairs, board games and trash. We even found some items that we thought were lost. Also, we emptied out the cabinets where old school things were taking up prime real estate. After sorting out the items we were able to find a home for everything that I wanted to keep. The rest went either for donation, recycling or into the trash.
The experience was quite emotional as I was not aware of the huge amount of things I was keeping for no good reason. But it was totally worth it. I felt very empowered and that I could do anything in terms of making my own spaces clean, sober and easy to manage with Kati's help. Kati was very kind, while I was able to keep the things I really wanted to, she encouraged me to let go of not-so-important things. I loved the way she not only helped me get rid of stuff but also used the available space in an effective way. I would definitely work with her again and I certainly recommend her services.

João Guedes da Costa, Student i Porto, portugal