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Kati helps you get it done!



I’m Kati

I am a German Professional Organizer based in New York City. With the right skills I help you to take back control of your space and even enjoy it!





DECLUTTERing & Organizing

DOWNSIZing & Simplifying

DETOXing & Green living

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    What people say

    Kati is the German Marie Kondo. She possesses the rare combination of empathy and efficiency with a deep passion for systems and tidiness. The mix of these qualities produced an amazing result: Purging unnecessary items followed by the clever organization of our kitchen, closets, and cabinets. Our new setup is making a huge difference in our quality of life, which we notice literally every single day. I can highly recommend Kati and hope you get to work with her.
    — Nora Abousteit, CEO & founder of Craftjam I Manhattan, NY
    Kati left me with a list of achievable goals and a new behavior toward shopping and order that feels completely custom made. This can be an intimate process and I cannot think of a more respectful, intelligent and sensitive person to do it with.
    — Julia Röhl, Editorial Magazine Production I Brooklyn, NY
    With a one-on-one coaching process, Kati guided me step by step through the big mess. In the end, the room was tidy, I could easily find clothes and objects because everything now has a home. This makes me feel more confident.
    — Sofia Guedes da Costa, Medical doctor I Porto, Portugal
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