I am Kati Carrapa, a German Professional Organizer based in New York City.

To get organized and to stay organized is part of my German culture and also how my parents raised me. When I am entering a space, I observe the obstacles, and solutions start bubbling into my head. It brings me joy and excitement to implement those solutions into my clients' lives and improve their quality of living immensely. Instead of trying to find their keys, they now use their time and energy to realize their dreams!

Imagine coming home to a space that is organized and helps you to feel calm and relaxed, after a long day in the city. A space to sit down, put up your feet and be at ease.  Looking around your home, you won't find piles of work or clutter, but clean surfaces, functional storage and beautiful decorations that bring you joy. Do you think in such an environment you can start dreaming again?

Together we will create such a space for you. Through a step-by-step process and hands-on help, I will guide you to transform your cluttered dysfunctional space into a home, where your body, mind and soul can rest and recharge every day.


heartfully done

The name heartfully done is a game on words of "heart" and the expression "artfully done." When somebody asks me "How do you work?", then "heartfully done" sums it up nicely.


I work with my heart:

I love people. I like to spend time with old and young ones - to get to know them, learn from them, and also teach them. With a background in counseling, I listen empathetically to my clients. I am patient, kind, and non-judgemental. Giving my undivided attention to my clients is essential for me.

Kati Carrapa - postcard organization.jpg

I work artfully:

I also love art, design, and beautiful things. For me, it's crucial to live in a beautiful space, and my clients want that too. I help them to discover the style they love and make it happen. And yes, something can be practical and beautiful! I believe that if you are excited and in love with your your space, then there's a high chance that you will maintain the beauty of it.

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I am getting it done:

I am a detail oriented and practical person. My clients have ideas and wishes, and I have the can-do-attitude to make it a reality. Most of my clients are busy in their jobs and family lives. So I am the one who is following through for them. The sooner something is improved, the faster my clients feel the change and can be freed of the burden of worrying.