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I am Kati Carrapa, a German Professional Organizer based in New York City. I've always been an organized person and enjoy inventing systems and designs to make my surroundings more functional and beautiful.

When my husband and I moved to New York City in 2014, I learned that less is more. Fewer possessions mean fewer hours spent maintaining, cleaning and keeping track of them. I challenged myself to live only with the things that I need or love. And to let go of items that I never use or don't like at all. This process of letting go was so freeing and empowering for me. It opened up energy and time, that I can now use for things that are important to me.

I am passionate about making life more simple and mindful through decluttering and home organizing. I can also help clients to embrace a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Imagine coming home to a space that is organized and helps you to feel calm and relaxed, after a long day in the loud and chaotic city. A space to sit down, put up your feet and be at ease.  Looking around your home, you won't find piles of work or clutter, but clean surfaces, functional storage and beautiful decorations that bring you joy.

Together we will create such a space for you. Through a step-by-step process and hands-on help, I will guide you to transform your cluttered dysfunctional space into a home, where your body, mind and soul can rest and recharge every day.