DECLUTTERing & Organizing

Decluttering is essential for gaining clarity and sanity in your space. Together, we will sort through your possessions and figure out what you don't need or love. With my help, you will be able to let go of objects you couldn't get rid of alone. I gently help you to decide if these items are best sold, donated, recycled or trashed. After this process, we will start organizing the space. You can start small, with one closet, then go bigger, with a kitchen, bathroom or every room in your place.


DOWNSIZing & Simplifying

If you are merging households or are moving to a smaller apartment, downsizing your possessions makes the move less stressful.

I can help you prioritize and make a plan about what items to keep or discard in order to simplify your day-to-day life, saving you time, energy and expenses.


    DETOXing & Green living

    Live in your space instead of fighting with it. By decluttering and organizing, you can live in better harmony with your body, mind and soul. Learn how to live in a home that reflects your best self and respects the planet.

    • Learn how to avoid toxins in your kitchen, bathroom and home, by adopting healthy alternatives — for yourself and those you love.
    • Reduce your trash and environmental footprint.
    • Learn some mindful consumer behaviors to be a more conscious shopper — whether you change one buying habit or many.