Give all of your things a home

Most people dislike clutter. Seeing too much of it makes them anxious (me included), and that’s why often junk drawers emerge. The driving force is the necessity of seeing clear surfaces. After the motto 'out of sight out of mind.' However, if you try to find something in these drawers, it can get tricky.

The most significant rule in the world of organizing is: Everything has to have its home. And a home is not a surface, but a contained space or hook.

Keys don't 'live' on the counter, but in a small bowl which sits on top of the counter with other keys. Or they can be on a hook close to the entrance.

The same goes for clothes piled on a chair. The clothes don’t 'live' on top of the chair, but in your closet or dresser. It's a rule of thumb that like goes with like. Your blue pair of pants wants to be close to your other pants, and your earrings wish to be altogether too.

It takes an effort to assign a home to everything, but it’s worth it. And then when things accumulate into piles again (which is a natural thing to happen), you know what to do with it. Each item goes back to where it belongs - into its assigned home and not to a junk drawer or on top of your kitchen island.

You can have the most beautifully designed space, but when there is clutter all around, its beauty is concealed. It's a process to uncover the beauty and work through the layers of stuff. In the beginning, it can be quite overwhelming to get the clutter under control and to find good homes for each piece. If you feel that way, please consider getting help. You can ask a friend who has more distance to your belongings to help you find homes or you can hire a Professional Organizer - like myself - who can teach you the skills you need and help you to get started.

Each of us has a limited decision-making-budget each day and with work, family life and other responsibilities there might not be enough focus and energy left to start such a process. So be kind to yourself. You don’t have to find homes for everything in only one day or even in a week. It’s a process that takes time. Some items are more comfortable to decide than others. I do this professionally and still, sometimes it takes me a while to figure out the most functional space for an item, and I might try out different spots until I find the best one for my area.

Action Challenge:

Find a home for your keys.

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