My Online Store is open for business!

Hi dearest blog readers!

Drumroll: I am ready to anounce that the heartfully done online store is now open for business! I overcame my fear again and again and now it's true and I have an online store! How cool is that?! :-) I feel very excited but anxious at the same time. The question "What if nobody buys anything?" is still there, but to find out the answer I first had to open this online store. So dear friends, please pray for me to not give up although it's tough.

I don't want to hold you back any longer. Go and check it out! Here's the link:

I send you many greetings and hope to be able to tell you more about the visit from Daniel's family. We also made a trip to Niagara Falls and there's so much to tell and pictures to show.

Blessings, Kati

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