Getting to know Chelsea

Dearest blog readers!

I send you many greetings frome Queens. Just in a little while Daniel's family will arrive from Portuagl. His parents, sister and brother will be staying with us for two weeks. So we will really have a full house for that time! Before they arrive I want to share some hightlights.

In the past few weeks I got to know Chelsea a bit better. It's a Manhattan neighborhood - a very hip and expensive one. I met there with the pastor of the German Lutheran St. Paul's Church. With her and a group of church members I went on a tour to the Leo Baeck Institute. After this I had lunch with Miriam (that's the pastor) and she showed me St. Paul. It was so nice to meet another Thelogian and talk about the church (in such moments I really miss working as a pastor). As I was already in Chelsea I took advantage of the sunny weather and went to the High Line.

Last weekend Daniel and I went to the Lutheran service at St. Paul and after this we explored more of Chelsea and went as well to the High Line (I wanted Daniel to see it as well). It was really nice!

I wanted to share some pictures with you. If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Here are some keywords for the pictures: Union Square, Leo Baeck Institute, Graffiti Art, Miriam and I, the German Lutheran Paul's Church, Kleinfeld (a very expensive bridal store from the TV Show "Say yes to the dress"), Google, Chelsea Market, Brunch, High Line.

I am sending you a big hug, Kati

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