Hi dear blog readers!

Today I want to tell you about Naomi Kutin. She seems like a typical Orthodox Jewish girl, but already with 10 years old she lifted 250 pounds - more than 100 kg!

I know Naomi and her family through Daniel. As Naomi's dad Edward works with him at Deutsche Bank. The Kutins invited us over for dinner and it was very exciting for us to eat together with an Orthodox Jewish family for the first time. We were a bit clueless of what to bring as a gift as we usually give German or Portugese wine or sweets but they aren't kosher. In the end we gave them a book and felt safe. ;-)

In the past three years a film crew was filming Naomi and her journey and now they are making a film out of all the material they've collected. Via Kickstarter they are right now collecting money to pay for the last part of the editing. This Kickstarter is almost over and I wanted to ask you, as part of the heartfully done blog family if you'd like to help? I think it's a great opportunity to participate in a great project. I really think this movie will be an out-of-the-box one and help people dream about what could be. If an Orthodox Jewish girl is lifting more than 100 kg, why shouldn't other people start daring to follow their dreams!

Daniel and I each gave $20 and we will get a download of the movie "Supergirl" when it's out. The donation process was very easy and didn't take longer than five minutes.

I am so excited for this movie!

Are you curious about this project? Then click the button now and watch a three minute video about the whole project. And share it with your friends!

I appreciate you reading this and whatever you are able to help! :-)

Sending lots of springy greetings from New York!


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