Trick or Treat

Hey there blog readers!

As mentioned in my last blog post I wanted to show you how Daniel and I looked for the Halloween party.

Daniel was a clown and I was a cat.

And here again with a fancier background at my friends place.

We had the chance to walk through the neighborhood and see how trick-or-treating is done. Of course I knew that already from American TV movies, but I wanted to experience it myself. Two of my friends went with their children. The little boy was just two years old and this was his first time trick-or-treating (as for Daniel and me) and he loved getting so much candy. Who wouldn't?! ;-)

The first woman gave five Snickers at once!

Daniel and I just observed and didn't take any candy, but once in a while we saw signs like the following and one time we took something. 

Here you see a more scary candy presentation.

 A few times we came too late and all the candy was already gone.

Or the people were trick-or-treating themselves.

Or they didn't want to open the door for different reasons.

Again: Americans do really enjoy decorating for special days! It's never getting boring to see what they got in their front yards. Some went for a more fall theme and others for Halloween but mostly we saw a mixture of both.

Minions are super in! As costumes and as giant blow up figures for the garden. This one was 6 feet high (around 2 meters) and was dressed as a pirat.

This family carved their house number into the pumpkins - very creative!

This family created a little play outside their house and frightened the viewers. We didn't stop as we had two little kids, but I took this pic from the distance. There was a operation set up and then the patient jumped up and scared the viewers.

For me personally it was anexciting experience to walk through this neigborhood. My friends do live in a very nice neighborhood with a bunch of friendly people - it feels quite different from where we live, more suburban. How great it was to walk from house to house and get a friendly smile, a "Happy Halloween" and candy! I really enjoyed that welcoming atmosphere.

 I was very glad that I didn't see any super scary masks. One time I saw a young man with a kind of scary one - no blood or so, but just a bit scary and that was already unpleasant for me as I am very sensitive to things like that, because they will never leave my memory again. From friends I heard that at the parade in Manhattan there are more likely a lot of scary costumes and I was glad that we didn't go downtown Manhattan.

As well I didn't see any of the nasty things that some youth are doing for Halloween, when they buy eggs, shaving cream and toilet paper and ruin front yards, houses and cars in the night of Halloween just because it's fun for them. Some other people told me that they did that in their youth and that nowadays the grocery stores have restrictions on those items on Halloween.

So you guys, God was very good to me and kept it really a nice experience and I am grateful for that. Above all it was such a lovely afternoon and evening because I could spend it with friends.

I send you many greetings and hope you had a good start into November!

Love, Kati

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