Today a year ago

Hi dearest blog readers!

Today a year ago Daniel had his first work day at the New Yorker office from Deutsche Bank (where he also used to work in Berlin). Yesterday a year ago we found the apartment that we are now living in - after a crazy and very frustrationg apartment hunt. So you can believe how relieved we were when we found that jewel right the day before Daniel had to start his new job.

60 Wall Street

September 19th last year we both had our NYC permiere and Daniel even had his USA premiere. The "today a year ago"-thoughts are adding up. However it doesn't really feel like it already has been a whole year in New York, but the store decoration shows me that Halloween and Thanksgiving are close and that 2015 isn't that long anymore.

 We are grateful for the past 12 months and for what we have seen and learned. I apologize that it was so quiet on this blog, but I was very busy with working and living and didn't have the capacity to write.

How are you guys doing?

Daniel is doing good. I think he is for the most content and likes his job. He struggles with getting enough sleep, but that's one of our ongoing construction areas. Sometimes I am still missing the good terms for employees in Germany and how much worse things are in the US (in terms of overtime, sick days, holidays, vacation days - yes, I am very spoiled from Germany!), but I can accept it more and more and that's good. Daniel accepted this a long time ago - I guess like on his second work day. lol

His colleagues are very nice and he often talks about them when he comes home from work and a few of them I've already met when I visited Daniel at work. One colleague invited us to visit his family for dinner. They live in New Jersey and are Orthodox Jews. We never ever visited and ate with an Orthodox Jewish family and it was very interesting and we felt very privelleged that they opened their home for us and that I could ask a zillion questions.

Another colleagee of Daniel came with his wife to visit us for dinner. It was nice to prepare a three course meal and host with our nice china and glasses. We even could teach them a German card game (Bohnanza) and they loaned us their card game (Dominion) so that Daniel and I could learn that. And by the way Daniel is awesome in Dominion - out of five games, he won 4! I felt so crappy! :-(

Also my German friend Felicia and her husband came to dinner once and it was wonderful to talk German in a bigger round and enjoy American food (I thought that was a fun idea - German round, but American food). We've made from scratch Chili with Corn Muffins and Mac&Cheese (with bacon and jalapenos - check out the fantabulous recipe!). We also added a very yummy salad to make that whole dinner healthier and for dessert Daniel and I baked a Peanutbutter-Chocolate-Cheese-Cake. Sadly the only picture that I have is from the cake (the big junks on top of the cake are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - for the non-Americans: those are chocolates filled with peanut butter - very yummy and rich). 

I think if there is now space somehow to think about inviting people and create nice dinners and host and enjoy then that's an awesome and very healthy sign! Because before that we didn't even think about things like that, but just tried to manage life somehow.

Here are two photos from us during a church retreat in upstate New York.

Beside the packed and often stressfull normal day life we really enjoyed the chruch retreat and the dinner events. In August we visited Daniel's family for a week in Portugal. And we also taught them how to play Bohnanza (I am on a mission! ;-)

When we went grocery shopping I felt like in paradise because everything was so much more affordable than in New York! It was even so beautiful to touch my own curreny again (I am serious!). We bought as much stuff as we could fit into our luggage - sadly not the toilet paper, as it was too big. :-(

On the picture you see Daniel with his dad in the paper product aisle.

 €2.39 ($2.68) for 12 rolls of good quality toiliet paper - what else do you want?! What an awesome deal! I am sure for our next European visit we will just bring the clothes on our body and leave the rest of the suitcase space for toilet paper to bring back to the US! ;-D

In my four walls

Although we are living in NYC I am hardly in Manhattan, but sitting every day on my desk to schedule and prepare workshops, design projects, invite people to the events, fullfill card orders and plan the future of the business... I am consistly doing things, but so often I feel that so much time, heart and strenght flows into that, but it doesn't seem to produce a lot of fruit. Yes, on one hand it's exciting to be an entrepreneur, but on the other hand it's an ongoing trial and error process and often it frustrates me. However it's also nice to have a certain aspect of freedom and flexibility. Well, I am going to stay in this race... or better in this walk and day by day give it all into God's hands, as it is getting quite overwhelming sometimes.

In the big city

In between I am leaving the apartmentand take the bus and after that the train in the direction of Manhattan to meet with a friend in a café to escape from all the never ending piles of entrepreneur stuff and the normal houswork to-do's. Those pictures I took today a week ago. It was a super sunny day with 27°C (80°F) and felt so much like summer in the city (just have to think about Joe Cocker with writing that!). Right now it's nothing like that. Fall is definitely here - 18°C (64°F) and very gray and clowdy. I was standing directly at the East River and had such a great view at Manhattan's skyline.

On my way home I had a short view at the Empire State Building, that was shining redand white that night.

In general my life is pretty packed with a ton of different feelings, thoughts and contrasts - nice and nasty, homey and strange, sometimes lonely and other times encircled. I still have the gut feeling that it's right for us to be here right now and that we ought to go on growing and learning to live here and to add our special Daniel and Kati flavor to this city and neighborhood. I still can't put my calling into one sentence and write it down with a 100% certainty, but I recognize that once in a while I come closer and figuring out myself some more. I think that's a good sign and I am grateful for that.

I send you all many greetings! I am thinking about a lot of you and your special situtaions! If you want to pray for Daniel and me, feel free - we always appreciate your prayers!

Much love, Kati

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