Fall and pumkins

Dear blog readers!

Fall has arrived in NYC and now it seems that most of the days are chilly, grey and wet. That's the downside of this season, but the upside is the beautiful fall nature. The following pictures are from last Tuesday (Oct 27th) from our third wedding anniversary. Look at those tree colors! Daniel and I went up to the very north part of Manhattan - to Innwood Hill Park and the Cloisters and walked the whole area to enjoy the nature.We are standing at the Manhattan side und overlooking the Hudson river to New Jersey.

Daniel used his long arm as a selfie-stick and tried to get as much background as possible on to the picture. However something important is covered by Daniel's head.

It's the George-Washington-Bridge and you can see it in the next pic.

Another very fally and American thing are pumpkins!

Big pumpkins,

small pumpkins,

plastic pumpkins,

 fairy tail pumpkins...

... warty pumpkins (and many more).

One of those many possible pumpkins we bought (but not the one out of plastic or with warts!) and I made pumpkin soup, pumpkin breakfast porridge and pumpkin bread. To tell you the truth I couldn't use this big pumpkin for the bread as I learned from youtube that for pumpkin bread I have to use a sugar pumpkin and not a normal big one. :-( Gee! I wasn't going to buy another of those giants and in the end we got already cooked and purred pumpkin in the can. The perfectionist in me had a big trauma, but the my practical side felt very relieved to not have to cut another pumpkin, but just to open a can. ;-)

In Germany you can't buy any canned pumpkin, as pumpkins are not that common as in the US. So in Germany I always made the whole pumpkin bread from scratch - and not even with a sugar pumpkin as the average German has no clue how pumpkin bread ought to taste. You have to decide which battles you wanna fight, don't you?! ;-)

When Daniel and I had another shopping day we went to Michael's (a big craft store here in the US) as I needed different things for my crafting business. While searching through the store we saw this:

 A turkey hat! Haha, so funny and so unnecessary as well! :-D I had to try it on to already get some Thanksgiving vibrations going. And guys I have to say I felt so delicious and I bet that some people wanted to have a bite of me (or actually my hat). lol

I send you many fally and pumpkiny greetings!

Much love, Kati

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