Sightseeing in Manhattan the Seventh: Central Park

Dearest blog readers!

Now the sightseeing-tour with my sister Elisabeth comes really to an end. We kept the Central Park for last as the weather forced us to - you have to take advantage of that sunshine!

In March the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir was frozen.

Do you see the stone walk way that is visible in the center? That wasn't there in the fall...

... as the water level was higher when we were there before.

The ducks had their own little beach section.

And here you see the Belvedere Castle that I couldn't show you in the fall. It was closed for the public as there was a concert in that area.

You can walk up the small tower and it's a neat view over a part of the Central Park.

The green rostrum is the amphitheater.

This time the Loeb Boathouse was quite forsaken as the lake was frozen and nobdody could use the boats.

We saw so many cute sparrows. Look at that sweet little round guy.

At a bench Lisa and I made a break and I recognized the sign. ;-)

Without the leaves on the trees the Central Park can't show it's full charme, but it was still an enjoyable walk through the park.

If you'd like to see how the park looks in green check out my former Central Park blog posts: Click

This time we really wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland statue. I couldn't see it with Daniel, because there is just too much to see.

By chance we also saw the Hans-Christian Anderson statue.

When we left the park in the south-east we passed the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza is where Kevin stays in the movie "Home alone 2". It's one of the most expensive hotels in the city.

And right across the street is the Apple Store (just in case there are any Apple fans reading this ;-).

I think you realized how much you are able to see in just seven sightseeing days! This city has so much to see.

I wish you all a very pleasant day!

Love, Kati

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