My Birthday in New York City

Dearest blog readers!

This year my birthday was on a Monday (June 22nd), but I already celebrated the Sunday before, as Daniel had to work on that Monday. Now that we are living in New York City I wanted to make something special. Something that I already wanted to do for a while. And why wouldn't I on my 33rd birthday?!

I wanted to have brunch on a rooftop bar and overlook Manhattan and enjoy good food with my friends. So we went to the 230 Fifth - an Outdoor Rooftop Garden Bar right by the Flatiron Building.

There on top of this building we sat. It was "just" the 21st floor. In comparison with the 70 floors of the 30 Rock it was kinda 'sweet', but also 21 stories are quite high!

At the left you see the Flatiron Building.

And that's how the Rooftop Bar looked like:

There were many tables, benches and sunshades.

There was direct view to the Empire State Building. Not bad, isn't it? Now you may understand why I wanted to have brunch in such a place. :-)

The weather forecast had said that there would be rain and thunder in the morning and early afternoon and I was afraid that we'd have to cancel the birthday brunch. But God was awesome and gave us sunshine! That was so wonderful! :-)

Here you see my dear Daniel. He made the brunch reservations and cared that we can overview the Empire State Building and that I could sit in the shade as my skin is so sensitive to sunlight. My husband is really the biggest blessing that God ever gave me! Almost 29 years I was single and wished and hoped to find a man that would accept me as I am and four years ago it came true with meeting Daniel. I am so grateful and happy having him on my side!

I invited four other people.

My friend Steffi and her husband Daniel (yes, another Daniel) from my hometown Bamberg. They are here for visiting and arrived last Saturday (June 20th). And also my friend Felicia and her husband Johannes. This cute couple moved to NYC in January 2015 and Felicia found me through my Roller Coaster Blog and contacted me. Since then we are friends and see each other almost every week. This is as well a gigantic reason to give thanks to God! To have a German friend in the same city and in a very similar situation is so special and helpful!

The brunch buffet was really good. I took a pic of my first plate. I had waffle, french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, potato, fried chicken and some melon. Hehe... no points counting on that day. ;-)

Before we were heading back down we made some shots with the Empire State Building in the background.

Daniel, Steffi, I and Daniel.

Felicia and I (Johannes had to leave earlier for an appointment). At the right side you see the Chrysler Building.

And a funny shot was a must for me. ;-)

After the brunch we went on, the four of us - Steffi, the two Daniels and I. And as we were right by the Flatiron Building we had to take a selfie.

From the Flatiron District we took the subway to the Financial District and went to St. Paul's Chapel. The day before we already had shown Daniel and Steffi Wall Street, Ground Zero and the Freedom Tower. St. Paul's Chapel should be part of the things to look at, as it served as a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers near the World Trade Center site after 9/11. There is much more to say about St. Paul's, but not in this blog post. But I am going to share two photos with you and hopefully more in the future.

In the background the Freedom Tower rises.

What would be a birthday celebration without cake? Something would be missing. So I needed a cake and we found one in one of my favourite patisseries in Financial District - the Financier Patisserie. We shared this small Mousse au Chocolate Cake and it was very yummy.

After it, we went on with sightseeing and walked down Broadway to the bull statue. Just when we arrived it started raining cats and dogs. It really was raining so hard that you'd be wet in just 5 seconds, but we were lucky and found shelter in a house entrance across the street. The pouring stopped after five minutes and with clearer air and new sunshine we went on. God was so fantastic that he helped us so greatly with the weather and everything else that day! That day I had several "Hallelujah - Amen!" moments.

We went on to Battery Park and just sat there on a bench in the park. I enjoyed the view to the Statue of Liberty, the different tourist boats and to feel the warm sun in my face and see how the grey sky turned into a blue one again.

I even got a rainbow! :-)

In that very moment I got a hangout-message from my sister Elisabeth and her husband Alfred. They wished me a Happy Birthday, as in Germany it was already the next day and my real birthday. I've sent them a photo greeting back. That's why I wave my hand on that pic - it was for them. Gee, how great are smart phones? Super great! :D

I was surrounded by different herb bushes and it was just so beautiful to sit there. I think the other three enjoyed it as well.

On the way to the Brooklyn Bridge we passed a Fire Station and asked if we can see it from the inside. You have to know that Daniel (Steffi's husband) is a volunteer firefighter and one of his biggest wishes was to see New Yorker Fire Stations. We were lucky and got a little tour and Daniel  could even slide down the fireman's pole! I was really happy for him. He was so excited. Yes friends, our God isn't a stingy God, but a generous one! He has enough love for all of us and doesn't skimp with surprises. Another reason to give him thanks!

We finished the day with the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the very first time for my Daniel to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Until now he didn't get the chance to do it. And he said he enjoyed it.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Financial District. Look how bright the Freedom Tower shines.

A picture with the four of us. It was taken by a couple from Nürnberg - a city close to my hometown Bamberg. Sometimes the world is really small. ;-)

Monday June 22nd (my real birthday)

The Monday I had for myself as our guests were exploring the city on their own and Daniel was working. I had time to read letters, cards, emails and other messages. Also I had the chance to talk to some of you. Thank you for calling or leaving a voice mail! :-)

When Daniel came home from work the two of us went to a Spanish restaurant in the neighborhood. It felt like when we dated in the beginning of our relationship and was just wonderful. Usually the normal day life and stress occupies us and it's difficult to bring back any kind of date character, but that night it worked and we both were so happy about it.

Our waiter in the restaurant was from Argentina and it felt so good to talk Castellano (the Spanish that is spoken in Argentina). The other two waiters were from Galicia (North of Spain) and this kind of Spanish is very close to Portuguese. So Daniel and I had a great time being reminded to the languages that we love and the food was very tasty as well! :-)

We also skipped counting points on that night and even got dessert. ;-)

On the picture you can see how the Argentinian waiter is preparing the Crêpes Suzette in a Spanish variation.

I got a special decorated plate. It is so shiny because I had a tiny candle in my ice cream scoop. The three waiters (and eventually the other restaurant guests) sang "Happy Birthday" for me.

It really was a beautiful evening and was so empowering for us as a married couple. We both felt loved from each other and I thank God for his grace on us.

Dear friends and family - thank you so much for all your birthday greetings! Every year it is important to me to feel loved and appreciated on my birthday - also on any other day, but especially on my birthday - and this year I could feel it.

I'm sending you lots of love and a big hug!


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