Four years ago...

Dearest blog readers!

May 14th is a very special day! Because on that day four years ago Daniel and I met the very first time in real life (before that just on Skype). And on that day we decided that we want to start a relationship.

This picture was taken on that special day four years ago.

We are standing in front of the Berlin Cathedral (I guess the sun was very bright and that's why my eyes are like that).

And this photo was taken this year on May 14th in a park in Sioux City (Iowa). We were there to visit my friend Erica and her family and she took this great shot of us.

Since we've been back in NYC I've invested a gazillion hours (yes I am tending to exaggerate lol) for my business. And the end seems never coming! The social media is and will be a big part of my business and the hours are passing very quickly when I am putting keywords to my more than 300 Pinterest pins. In the past I did a lot of things wrong and so nobody could find my pins. :-( But I really want to change that and make a good business foundation work. Although it's very annoying to fix my old mistakes I am glad and grateful that I know what to do everyday. I had a great consultation with my friend Erica and she gave me awesome advice (she has a small business as well)!

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Wishing you all a happy day!

Love, Kati

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