Sightseeing in Manhattan the 1st: Brooklyn Bridge

Hi blog readers!

It's time for another sightseeing tour through NYC!

As my sister Elisabeth was here for visiting me (yes me, because Daniel had to work) we had two weeks to spend a lot of quality time as sisters. :-) We talked so much, went on shopping tours (above all Michael's), but also did a lot of sightseeing.

What we saw during our "Manhattan-days" I want to share with you in the coming blog posts. We worked super close with the weather forecast. If there was snow or rain we tried to go into stores and museums and when there was sunshine we walked the streets of Manhattan. Although it was sunny sometimes, it still was very cold (minus temperatures in °C / below 30 temperatures in °F) because of the wind.

We started with the:

Brooklyn Bridge

By public transportation we went to the Financial District and walked the bridge until the middle and back. It was super cold and the wind was very icy, but the blue sky was a gigantic gift from God!

To give you an idea about the size of this city: Daniel and I are living in Queens, which is as well part of NYC, but to go until Financial District it takes 1,5 hours by public transportation! So you have to calculate 3 hours for a round trip. For us this meant to be at least for a few hours in the city that it makes sense. Also we tried to leave around 10/ 10:30am ish so that the rush hour is over and we had a chance to have some space in the public transportation. BUT to be out of the house before 11am, because then all the senior people are leaving their houses and the buses and trains are packed as well. We wanted to be smart tourists. ;-)

 What looks like ropes from the distance are actually metal pipes.

And those pipes are pretty thick. I don't want to imagine what happens if there is too much rust and the screws are getting lose! Those "ropes" are carrying an incredible amount of weight!

A view over my shoulder shows the Financial District skyline as well as the cars that drive from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

 Something to read for you guys:

If you would like to read even more, here's a link to the Wikipedia article about the Brooklyn Bridge: click.

On the left you see the Manhattan Bridge.

I've found the panorama function on my cell phone and made this 180°-pic. That's how it looks: The Brooklyn Bridge, then the harbor and a view at the Financial District Skyline. Isn't that incredible?!

In the afternoon Lisa and I had a coffee date with a friend of mine. We wanted to meet a the Public Library and took the train to go to the Grand Central Terminal to check that out before.

Grand Central Terminal

You can see Pegasus on the ceiling.

If you'd like to see more pics of the Terminal, you can check out an older blog post: click.

Just right beside it we had a view on the Chrysler Building. Gee, I just love that there's so many cool sights so close to each other in NYC! That still hasn't got old for me.

Just a few blocks aways is the:

New York Public Library

It's really a nice and big building. It was opened in 1911 and is older than 100 years. For the US that's a pretty old building! For me as a German - with my hometown being older than 1000 years - I take old buildings more for granted I think. It's so normal to have them around me growing up and while living in Germany. Living here teaches me to appreciate older buildings more because they are special in this country.

It's kind of fancy in the inside with those windows and the candles. 

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the walls compared to the detailed ceiling.

One of the two reading rooms is in the renovation process right now. So I couldn't take a picture. And to be honest, we didn't know if we can just go into the other one. But here's a link to the google search for pictures: click.

After seeing parts of the library we've met with my friend Felicia in a café. She and her husband are from Germany as well and moved to NYC in January (she found me through my blog - isn't that cool or what?!). We talked for quite a while and when Lisa and I left for our train it was already dark outside and we saw that beauty again:

I just loooove this building! It's architecture is just awesome! One day I would like to make a tour of it.

I hope you enjoyed being on the sightseeing trip with us. More is to come soon! ;-)

Love, Kati

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