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Hello fellow blog readers!

For 4.5 months we are living in our apartment in Queens. Today I want to show you what has happened furnishing and design wise. It's not yet all done as I plan to do some more art work for some very white and naked walls.

Before you are checking out all the pictures, go and have another look how the apartment used to look in the beginning: click.

To see the outside - with the nice weather and green space - is so nice. Right now there's still everything white with snow and ice.

Apartment entrance, living- and dining room: 

The right door is our apartment entrance and the left door leads to the office.

The mud room is really doing a great job with this kind of weather. It's so good to step first onto the tiles with wet and slushy shoes and then to take them off and keep the rest of the apartment clean. 

Our gallery wall above the sofa isn't yet completed. The down left and upper right photos are still missing. The two smallest pics you can see in detail on my creative blog. It's DIY art in the bokeh technique: click.

And yes the wall is light pink. ;-) We wanted to create a warmer atmosphere and so the hard white wall had to say goodbye (at least part of it)!

Our dining table with chairs. This wall still screams "something is missing", but I am already in the creative process, but still have to safe a little money for it. ;-)


The cupboards on the right side are our pantry. They are Ikea Billy Book Shelves and I bought doors for it that nobody sees the inside (I love boxes and doors - makes everything looking so much cleaner and more organized). If you wonder if we really eat so much fruit - yes we do! It's part of the Weight Watchers diet to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, because most of it has zero points.

What a blessing to have a dish washer after more than 10 years without one! It's such a luxury and I am very grateful!

I love the Ikea towel rail!

As well as this little rod with the hooks and the basket. I like a clean sink with no bottles standing around that might fall into the sink (it also helps me to wipe the counters quicker). Everything is neat and nice and has it's place. Stuff like that gives me a lot of pleasure. :-)

If you wonder what those bottles are: Hand soap, dish soap and a homemade natural counter top cleaner (which cleans and disinfects).

That's the corner at the right side of the refrigerator. The black box in the left corner is a transformer. It transforms the electricity so that we can use our German water boiler and coffee machine (it's way more affordable to buy a transformer than to buy a good quality hot water boiler and coffee machine ;-).

We do like Ikea and so our apartment really looks like it's a picture from the Ikea catalog. But here in the US Ikea is really affordable and we know the kind of quality that we are getting from them.

Realistic expectations = no disappointment = more relaxed life. ;-)


It's a pity that this window isn't in the center of the wall, but it's really not the end of the world. ;-)



The left shelf holds most of my crafting tools. The rest is filled with our books and "this and that"-boxes. Compared to Germany we aren't having a lot of books, but for New York City conditions we own a lot of things and have a gigantic apartment (although the rooms are just around 12 square meters / 130 square feet each (just the dining- and living room is bigger).

Guest Room:

The "bed" that we used in the first four weeks is now our guest bed. When we don't have guests the big air mattress is in its bag and I use this room for my crafting classes. Our landlord borrowed me some folding tables and chairs.

This is where Daniel has his work space (no it doesn't look that organized normally - I just made it look pretty for the picture ;-).

The two dressers are for our towels, bathroom rugs, table clothes and bed linen. This high closet came with the apartment. Daniel uses it for his work clothes (suits and shirts). If you wonder what the black strings on the right closest door are...

... It's a tie-holder-system that I've invented. It doesn't look that fancy from the outside, but it's pretty useful from the inside. Daniel can see all his ties and will more likely use different ones when he see what he has on one view.

I am really grateful for our apartment and that it is in such good condition. Many times when I visit other people I see that they have water damage or mold in their apartments and that a lot of stuff is broken because it's in need of renovation. Then they say they've told their landlord but he's not doing anything about it. Gladly our landlord isn't like that. He really has an eye on all the things and also helps when we ask him for help. So I think for us it's better to pay more rent, but to live in a better apartment quality. It might not be as good as in Germany, but comes pretty close to it. I also heard that it is normal for NYC to pay at least half of your net income for rent (in Germany it's 1/3 of it). So we are obviously more normal than we thought (I was so scquered when we where so much higher than the 1/3 from Germany).

Conclusion: God is good to us and I am very grateful for his grace and generosity! Although we live financially on a tight budget we have everything that we need and that's a big reason to give praise to God.

I wish you guys a wonderful day!

Love, Kati

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