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Hello blog readers!

First of all a health-update: I got rid of the annoying cough and I am doing pretty good (thanks to the antibiotics I took). Just sometimes a runny nose, but I won't complain about that, because it's so much better without the coughing! Praise God! Thanks for all your thinking about me and for your prayers! I really appreciated it. Actually I had hoped that this cold would just heal by itself, because I really didn't want to go to the doctor. I was so scared to go - because of the fear of what we have to pay for it and also because of not knowing how the process would be. How does it sound that Daniel and I moved to another country and culture kind of spontaneous, but then I am scared from a doctors visit? Hm... I guess pretty human. ;-)

For this blog post I collected a while. Almost every time I am in an American store I see things that make me smile. Usually they are just funny for me personally, but not so much for Americans. But as this blog is read by Americans and by Portuguese I will just show you all the pictures and give you a glimpse of my thoughts.

And a side note for  all the Americans that read this:

Please know that I am not making fun about your country and culture. It is just funny for me as foreigner, because there are some things that seem strange to my eyes because I don't know them.

I was standing in a supermarket and waiting for my turn to pay and saw the two following magazines:

A special collectors edition from the movie Titanic. This movie is soooo old (almost 18 years!) and still it seems very popular. I was 15 years when the movie came out and I watched it two times in the movie theatre! I NEVER watched any movie a second time in the theatre! Never ever, but this 15 year old girl, with a big crush on Leonardo DiCaprio used her little pocket money to see Leo&Kate another time. To my defense I have to say that I also had a crush on Johnny Depp parallel (hehe, don't know if this really helps in defending me). But enough from my wild youth. ;-P

 Such a magazine could be certainly as well be found in a German store. It just happended to bring back memories, that's why I mentioned it.

Also for Oprah Winfrey fans there is enough to read (greetings to Chicago at this point). And who wouldn't want to know how to tame your fears and start living your happiest year yet?! Maybe I should have bought this magazine and read the whole thing before going to the doctor!

Next time I went to a store I checked the magazine-shelf and some magazines just popped right into my eyes or shall I say shot right at my eyes?

I don't think I would see such a magazine in a German grocery store. Somehow it is funny that Americans are interested in pocket pistols and it seems "so American", but just two seconds later I didn't think it is funny at all! I wonder how many people walking around in the streets, are having a pistol in their pocket? And just the quick thought about it scares me!

This morning I read an article about weapons and violence in the US and why it is still such a controversy. The article is from Tafts Magazine and written by Colin Woodard. For me personally it was helpful to read it and to be more understanding about the whole topic. Click

I would say it helped me to be more empathic with the US, although from my German point of view and our past I am still pretty sensitive to the topic of weapons and violence and I think that won't change. It might be possible that seeing pistol magazines is getting more normal, but I am not sure.

But not just weapons are popular, but as well the combination of gardens & guns! Also with many pictures from animals, like this cute hunting dog on the cover. For me personally using weapons for hunting isn't that bad. But I mean not killing animals just for fun, but also for eating their meat. That I am more open to that comes from my time in South Dakota. Hunting was always on the table (what a word game!). 

And also for the intellectual folks there is something to read! ;-)

And here are some other specialities:

Be honest, who doesn't want to have this Barbie? The Potty Trainin' Barbie is a must for young and old. Think about all the stuff you are able to learn with it!

I found it hilarious (and as well eww)!

"Yum! A treat!" - "Potty time!" - "Clean-up time!"

(They are using more exclamation marks than I am.)

When I saw the following items I realized that this is the country, that was the new home for the pilgrim fathers more than 400 years ago. They wanted to be able to live in religious freedom. It's interesting how normal stores (this was Kohl's) have items with Bible verses on them. In Germany there is no such thing! Maybe, but just maybe you are able to find a cup with a Bible verse, but just in a Christian book store (and there aren't very many). But the soap dish is something that screams AAAAMERICAN. I know it's sad with being the country of Martin Luther and the Reformation, but Germany isn't very pious anymore.

When we've been to the airport we saw all the NYPD merchandising articles. In Germany nobody would wear a police sweater (although they are really policemen). But I assume this comes from all the NYPD TV shows and that there are so many fans.

Who follows me on Instagram (katihanna) or is Facebook friend of mine, already knows this picture. I found it funny and horrible at the same time that there are people that go to this fast food place for Valentine's Day! I couldn't believe it! But I heard that usually teenagers do that.

In Germany this type of cookies is called "Americans" (Amerikaner). So when I saw them in a deli I posted to my German friends "I found Americans in America!" This is quite a flat joke, but very funny for Germans. ;-)

I hoped you liked my blog post and that nobody started crying because of feeling offended by my words. If I hurt anybody I am sorry, but my intention was just giving my point of view as a German on my life in this country.

I found that this blog is quite a one way street and I'd like to encourage you to leave a comment below this post. Besides my brother in law nobody comments and I think that must be changed! You can make the difference! Also feel free to share my blog with your friends, because I want that people read what I write. If you have questions or suggestions you can leave them as well in a comment or write me a personal message.

Many greetings from Queens!


PS: By the way, in January I received my work authorization and I started to built up my crafting business. This weekend I am doing my second and third crafting workshop - Valentine's Day themed.

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