Our neigborhood

Hello there fellow blog readers!

You haven't heard from me for a while. Why - you might wonder? Well, I was very sick and actually still am. Not anymore "very", but still that I'm not back to my normal kind of self (whatever that might be). Tomorrow is the day, THE day where I will go to see my first American doctor. Gee, I'm quite nervous and hope it won't cost tons of money. For the last 1 1/2 weeks I was mainly laying in bed. In the beginning with fever... really not nice at all!

For quite a while I wanted to show you some pictures from our neighborhood.

Just around the corner is a big and very busy street and then there is a freeway as well. It's pretty noisy around us, but gladly our house is well isolated and so the traffic is just a soft background noise that you hear at night. But compared to the Manhattan noises this is almost nothing.

We are surrounded by following stores:

The golden "M" is a three minute walk away (and I am glad and proud to tell you that we've never been there to eat!).

One minute walk we have "Subway" and the "Vitamin-Shoppe"...

.... a store just for vitamines! I never saw such things ever - again a funny thing for me as a German.

We are living in Bayside and most of the people are Asian. So it's normal to see advertisements in several languages.

This neighborhood used to be more Greek and there are still some "left overs". The big Greek Orthodox Church St. Nicholas.

Maybe you'll find the Greek writing. ;-)

Besides this Greek restaurant there is a Greek bakery as well and their cakes are just incredibly awsome and pretty pointy (one piece has like 20 points! gee, and I am just allowed to eat 26 a day).

So you see we are living really in the city. There are more stores like 7 Eleven and CVS etc. And a ton of food places. But still it's quite a distance from Manhattan. We have to take a bus to Flushing and there we can take the 7 train to go to Manhattan.

In the past days we had our first visit. Two very sweet and interesting young women from Berlin and Basel. They are friends from friends and it was very nice to have them as guests. If I wouldn't have been so sick I'd have loved to make some sightseeing with them!

Many greetings,


PS: Your prayers are appreciated and needed, because I really would like to be healthy and be able to leave the house again.

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