New Year's Eve in the city that never sleeps

Hello fellow rollercoaster riders! :-)

For New Year's Eve Daniel and I wanted to do something special and not just stay home alone and watch a movie, like we did last year. The funny thing is that last year we watched the movie "New Year's Eve" which plays in New York City. Back then we had NO IDEA AT ALL that we would move to New York City. End of Decemember 2013 we were completely burned out and were clueless about our future and one year later we live in this city!

Of course very brave (and crazy) people are going to Times Square for New Year's Eve! There's a big stage with stuff going on and at midnight the ball drops and everybody counts down and when it's 12 there's a big confetti rain. The ones from you that haven't seen that yet can check out this one minute youtube video.

This year we just had -7°C (19.4°F) and we didn't feel like spending hours outside in the cold to try to get a good spot, not being able to use the bathroom and being close to a million strangers (although that might help with getting warm again). I heard that some people are wearing diapers to make it through the night... *eeewww*.

Daniel and I went to a restaurant in the west of Queens (in Long Island City). It was a one hour ride with public transportation. Right at the east river, across from Manhattan. On the google maps picture you can see where it is (red balloon) - Water's Edge.

Already when we walked the last 15 minutes from the number seven train to the place I felt super excited when I saw the pretty lights from the skyscrapers! The left one in purple tones is the Empire State Building, in the middle  you see the Chrysler Building and at the right hand... I don't know yet. Maybe someone of you guys knows it.

The restaurant isn't the best looking one from the outside, but it was pretty nice from the inside and as well wonderfully warm. It was so cold when we walked the 15 minutes from the train and all that time I was grateful that we aren't standing there at Times Square for hours and freezing our butts off! Those poor (and crazy) people that do that to themselves!

The Water's Edge has a big bay window and really all restaurant guests are able to see the Manhattan skyline. The evening was from 9pm to 1am and included a three course dinner, open bar, champagne at midnight and a DJ.

Our romantic little table.

Our table was pretty close to the window and here you see our view (sorry for the reflecting lights). Isn't that an awesome view or what?! Acutally it was a panorama view and we could see even more cool buildings and the Queensboro Bridge.

The Empire State Building is hidden behind the UN headquarters. Maybe you remember that we used to live just a little left from the UN headquaters right at the east river. That feels like forever, but it's just 2 1/2 months. How crazy is that, that we used to live so close to the city center! :-)

When I saw the skyline and we were all dressed up sitting at that table I understood and felt at the same time that now we are living in NYC. Before that I didn't really get it - just in theory but not into my body and mind together. It really swept me from my feet and the sentence "We are living in NEW YORK CITY now!" came like a hundred times to my thoughts. I think that evening was like a turbo boost for my soul and helped it to be closer to my body again. It's still not a normal-everyday-feeling, but on New Year's Eve I had that mind-and-heart-set and I am so very grateful that this has happened after living for 3 1/2 months here now.

Close to our right side there was the dance floor. The red light box was the DJ's area.

That's how the rest of the ballroom looked like. There were people in their 20s, but as well families with younger children and senior couples. The dresscode was business casual, but some of the ladies had some pretty "fabric-less" dresses on! (definitely they didn't come by public transportation, because they would have frozen to death by walking in their pretty short dresses and those hiiiiiigh heels ;-)

How it is already traditon on this blog, I am going to show you the food. ;-)


I had Lobster Risotto - Fresh Main Lobster, Arborio Rice, Creamy Butter Sauce, Parmigiano (= like 1000points... at least... or mabye even 2000! ;-) but it was delicious! Yeah, just put lots and lots of butter and cheese in it and it tastes incredible!).

Daniel had Australian Lamb Lolllipops with Rosemary-Garlic Pesto, Green Apple Salsa, Grilled Focaccia (that's the Italian bread).

Those appetizers were awesome! So tasty and they pushed our expectations for the main course even higher.

Main Course

Daniel had Water's Edge Surf & Turf - Petite Grilled Filet Mignon, Maine Lobster, Roasted Potatoes.

For Daniel as somebody who grew up close to the Ocean and with lots of seafood it's normal to see a lobster. For me on the other hand it's still awkward to see it. I always think it might "bite" me. I like the taste of lobster, but I can't eat it out of the shell, but the pieces in my risotto were very tasty.

I had Long Island Duck Breast with Potato-Cheese Croquette, Honey-Truffle Glaze, Carrots and Spinach.

The main course was good, but not as good as we had expected. But I know that this is a complaint at a high level, because the whole ambiance and the view was just gigantic!


But the dessert made everything good again! There was a 1 1/2 hours break before it, but it was worth the wait.

We both had Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.

It was a chocolate dough muffin, filled with warm chocolate sauce in the center, topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Maaaaan, I could have taken a bath in it! That's how delicious it was! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

In between the courses we went to the dance floor and danced off some of the calories that we just had eaten. It was really a good atmosphere and we liked that the style and age of people, as well as the ethnical backgrounds were so mixed up. Shortly before midnight they turned the tv to the Times Square crowd and we could count down and welcome the new year together with champagne.

 It's not a German traditon to have a New Year's kiss, but this year we did. :-)

But one important thing was missing for me as a German (Daniel not so much - but they just have fireworks in tv and not do it themselves in Portugal, he said). There was no big fireworks over the New York sky. We could see just a tiny one over Central Park, but it was hidden mostly from the high buildings. :-(

In Germany we welcome the New Year with tons of fireworks. And everybody is allowed to blow it up themselves from the street right where you live. Usually there's at least half an hour or even an hour of fireworks and the whole skyline is lighted up. I guess we will have that on 4th of July (Independence Day). So I am curious about that.

New Year's Day Daniel didn't have to go to work and we had brunch at our landlords place (means just above our apartment). He had invited some more friends and we brunched and played many games of Uno and watched a movie. A very relaxing start into the new year.

If I haven't yet told you: Happy New Year for you and yours! :-)


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