Blizzard in New York

Dear blog readers!

Many of you asked if we are doing ok, because of the blizzard that hit us in the beginning of this week.

Yes, we are doing good! :-)

The blizzard happened from Monday to Tuesday. Through the weather forecast we were prepared for it and Daniel was allowed to work from home on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday morning it started snowing and went on for the whole day. In the evening it got stronger and there was lots of wind (which made it snow horizontally!). At 8:45pm we got the following message to our phones:

So we stayed in our cosy apartment and just checked the windows once in a while to see how much it stormed outside. Praise God that our apartement is built very proper and is perfectly isolated. We had no draft at all (not even through the bottom of the door). I think if you are staying home the blizzard is no problem at all. Just if you would be outside it's dangerous, because all you'd see is a white wall and then all that snow and wind.

Here you see a picture that I took on Tuesday morning. It snowed maybe 30 cm (ca. 15 inches).

This is our landlord in action. He owns a snowplow and worked like crazy to get all that snow away! In the end I just had to shovel maybe 20 shovels of snow away from our entrance, because he had already done such a great job. *grateful*

That there is so much snow from one night to the other I already knew from my times in Elstal/Berlin. It's nothing special to see all the snow for me, but for Daniel it still is. :-) With all the snow on the streets the public transportation didn't run as often or not at all. Today they run again and Daniel had to go to the Manhattan office. I wonder is everything worked smooth with the trains and busses - I'll find out later.

A front yard filled with snow. Lets see how long it stays. On Friday, Sunday and Monday there shall be more snow...

Health wise I feel already better. Last Friday I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics. It already worked and my coughing is less. I hope that I can get rid of this annoying cold!

I send you warm greetings! ;-)


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