Sightseeing in Chicago

Dearest blog readers!

Here comes the rest of the photos from our Thanksgiving-Short-Vacation-Trip to Chicago.

At Saturday (October 29th) we started our sightseeing adventure with the whole Carter family in the morning. Andrea, Nathan, the four girls, Daniel and I went downtown Chicago by public transportation and it just took us around 15 minutes to reach the city center. Daniel either pushed the stroller or carried little Elly *soproudofmyhusband" (he will be a good dad one day!). :-)

Our first destination was the Chicago Chriskindels Market. Compared to the original one in Nürnberg (Germany) it is way smaller, but it really feels like one of the normal Christmas Markets that you can find in Germany during Advent.

Here are some impressions:

Stands with sweets and ginger bread

It's so funny that "Schnitzel" is an international term, although it's a German word.

That's really a funny slogan for me: "Schnitzel House - a taste of Germany". When I think of Germany Schnitzel isn't the first taste that pops into my mind. ;-)

The atmosphere wasn't so cosy, but more big-city-crowd-like (that comes really close to the original Nürnberg Christkindels Market, which is super crowded by tourists each year!), with long lines on most of the food stands. But it was neat to see all the German products and how excited Americans are for them.

We didn't drink any "Glühwein" (hot spiced wine) as we had more sightseeing on our list and I think it would have been boring for four little girls to stand in line (and I also don't like waiting in lines!).

Is it not a must to have a Black Forest Clock?! ;-) They are called "Kuckuck"-Clocks in German, which means "cuckoo-clock", because the little bird comes outside and makes the cuckoo-noise.

There even was a Bavarian stand! (btw Bavaria is my homestate, that's why I am excited about seeing the Bavarian flag)

Our next stop was Macys. It's pretty big in Chicago and they have tons of Christmas decoration outside the building, in the windows and inside as well.

Daniel with Elly

Macy's has those big clocks at the corners of the buliding (João I took this photo for you, because I know you like clocks :-).

On all the entrances there are people from the Salvation Army that are ringing their bell and people can put donations in the red pot. I took this picture because this is such a common picture from American movies.

Macys has many storeys and christmassy decoration everywhere.

Our next stop was Millenium Park and we looked at The Bean and took many pictures with it.

That's a picture from our reflection in The Bean - all the girls together (you might be able to guess their favorite colors ;-).

And a selfie from us. ;-)

For lunch we went to Giordano's Chicago Style Pizza.

Chicago Style Pizza is a deep dish pizza. Which means that the crust is thicker and higher as the one from the normal pizzas. The pizza contains a lot of cheese and the tomato sauce and the topping is on top of the cheese.

Two pieces like the one that Daniel has on his plate and you are full! Really! You will just believe this, when you tried that yourself.

Patient Daniel with little Elly. She fell asleep during the walk to the pizzeria.

Here is couple picture with little Elly.

Our dessert we got on the way. Nathan went to a special popcorn store where there are usally long lines of people ordering that popcorn. So the rest of us went to Target. Andrea looked for a water filter and we and the girls enjoyed the toy aisles.

Lucy and Katy were so funny when they saw a giant box with eight of the Disney princesses. Katy points with her finger which ones of those princesses are her favourites. I think like seven of them. ;-)

We didn't get any princesses, but Andrea found the water filter. ;-)

This is the special Chicago style popcorn for dessert. The brown popcorn is caramel and the yellow is cheese flavor. Both flavors are in the same bag and you eat it together (or pick out the flavor you like best - the girls prevered the sweet one). For Germans that's a weird thing to to and Daniel seemed confused as well. Germans would not mix sweet and salty like that way. I remember that when I first came to Chicago and saw chocolate coverd pretzels I thought that's super weird. Haha and now I love them! I also liked the popcorn.

We came back in the afternoon and at late afternoon Daniel and I met with my friend Miriam. We went to downtown Chicago again, but more up north. We wanted to see the Hancock Building and to have dinner at the Cheesecake-Factory.

My friend Miriam and I.

Daniel and I still felt so full from the deep dish pizza that we were just able to have salad for dinner. Now that I think of it, it's so sad that we didn't try a cheesecake for dessert. But we couldn't because we felt so filled with grease, that just the sound of "cream cheese" was too much. Hm... means we have to visit Chicago again, I guess. lol

After dinner we walked on Michigan Avenue. That's one of the most beautiful streets in downtown Chicago. With many high bulidings and fancy stores.

This is the Water Tower which was built in 1869. I think for Americans this means it is a very old building which makes it special. But the Water Tower is also special because it is one of the few buildings that didn't burn down at the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Many beautiful lights and a lot of horse carriages on the streets.

Even the skyscraper roofs had Christmas lights!

I hope you enjoyed some Chicago flair. We really did love the time with the Carters and to be in that awesome city! Thank you Andrea and Nathan for having us!!!

I wish you all a pleasant week!

Many greetings,


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