Merry Christmas!

 Dearest blog readers!

Yesterday night Daniel and I walked around in our neighborhood and I took pictures of some houses with Christmas lights.

I must say that I really enjoy decorated houses for Christmas. In this dark time of the year lights are such a magical thing. I don't know if I myself would decorate my house like that, because the electricity costs would scare me, but I am glad that a lot of our neighbors aren't scared by the electricity bills! :-)

Daniel liked the small Eiffel tower that you see at the right side of the house. I found the chimney with the Santa quite entertaining. Some things are so over the top kitschy that I think they are hilarious.

Symmetry seems to be important for those decorators.

And here triangles and Santas are very popular.

Not just houses can be decorated, but even cars:

On Christmas Eve Daniel just has to work until noon, so we are able to skype with our families in Germany and Portugal in the afternoon (at night at their time). In the evening we are invited to a Portuguese family. They are relatives from friends of Daniel's family in Portugal. The man already helped us when we had to transport our luggage from the apartment in Manhattan to Queens and also went to Ikea with us. We are very grateful that this nice family invited us for Christmas Eve and I think Daniel is super excited to have Portuguese food *somesoulfood*.

At Christmas Day Daniel has off from work and for dinner we are invited to the pastor and his family from my church in Queens. The pastor and his wife are Corean and so I assume we are having corean food (I realize that I am talking a lot about food on this blog lol).

At the 26th Daniel has to be back at work. Last year he took vacation at Christmas and so this year it's his colleagues turn. Yeah, somebody has to be in the office - even at Christmas.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

We are blessed at this Christmas and it's getting better to live in this city by meeting more and more people that show us kindness.

Kati & Daniel 

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