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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. It is always at the last Thursday in November. At this important American Holiday we wanted to be with friends. That's why we are visiting my friends Andrea and Nathan and their four girls from today until Monday. When I was living in Chicago I lived with them.

Last Saturday we experienced already some Thanksgiving atmosphere and food. The church where I am going for the last three weeks made a Thanksgiving dinner/potluck and Daniel and I went there.

On the photo you see a big part of all the food that was served: Ham, salmon, noodle salat, meat balls, mashed potatoes, gravy, sushi, chili, corn bread, lasagne, salad, chicken wings etc. Everybody brought something at we had a ton of food.

Of course there was turkey as well, but I don't have a photo from it (maybe it was just eaten up too fast). ;-) It wasn't an ofen turkey but a deep fried one. They had a giant pot with oil in the garden and fried it outside. Gladly no accidents happened and the house still stands. :-) The food was delicious and Dnaiel ate so much that he had belly pain after it.

There was also desert. I think the most typical pies for this time of the year are the Pecan Pie and the Pumkin Pie.

Here's a photo from us and some church people. We had a silent auction and on this pic you see all the "winners" or high bidders.

Daniel and I are sending you many greetings and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! In 15 minutes we have to leave for the airport. Outside is snow-rain and it's no nice weather at all...

Kati :-)

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