Our new flat mates

Hey there blog readers!

May I introduce our new flat mates? They are called Ingolf, Ingatorp, Malm and Stocksund. What do they have in common? They are all Swedish and we adopted them from Ikea.

Dressers, table, chairs and a part of the love seat.

Here's the rest of the love seat.





We also got a good deal on a carpet and together with the cushions there's now less echo in the apartment than before - and it's also more comfy to sit. ;-)

This is how the living and dining part looks all together. It's a little tight, because the mud room takes up space and the sofa has another door on the left which makes it tricky to use the space, but I have some ideas in mind to use that room as effectively as possible. That's the first dining table I/we ever bought - gee, we are really growing up. That's a wonderful feeling!

Hooray, living out of suitcases comes to an end!

It was super annoying to build those Malm dressers, but now that they are there they offer lots of drawer space *awesome*!

It took me 2 1/2 days to assemble all those things while Daniel was at work. Some of the things were a lot of fun to assemble, others not so much (like the Malm). Gladly my dad gave me a giant tool box for my last birthday and I had all the tools I needed. I think for my next b-day I want to have a power drill. :-)

In a few days the rest of our things should arrive. I hope so much that it goes smoothly through customs. My biggest excitement is for the Ikea-Billy-shelves to arrive. Yes, I know we really have lots of Ikea furniture! *wink* Finally shelves where I can place folders and create an organization system! *anticipation* (Don't know if there's many people that get excited when you give them the chance to organize. lol)

You see it's getting cosier and one of my next big improvement-desires is going to Home Depot and purchasing material to built a breakfast bar in the kitchen with some shelves underneath to have more storage (or something like that).

I wish you a super blessed week! :-)

Love, Kati

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