Last moving phase

Dearest blog readers!

Last Thursday we got all of our belongings that came by ship. A big truck with two young men came and they took all the boxes into our apartment and unpacked a lot of the things. Gladly we live in a very secure neigborhood and nobody had to watch the truck and our goods. So both guys could walk back and forth. They told us that in some places in the Bronx or in Brooklyn they had to run after a thief that had taken something from the truck.

All those many boxes contain kitchen stuff. And the crazy thing is, that there is even more kitchen boxes in our guest room! How can soomebody have so many kitchen things?! But to our defense I have to say that every single item was packed with lots of paper and that's why there's so many filled boxes. ;-)

That's how it looked after the unwrapping process. Every inch is filled with things.

The two young men were helping to unwrap the things, but I am the one who had to figure out where to put all of it. That was a process! I didn't want to just fill up the cupboards, but to have a system that makes the kitchen use easier and smarter. I did what I could and the next step is just possible with some more shelf space. When it's all done and I am satisfied with how it looks and functions I am going to show you the result. 

Our guest room is doing good duty as a storage and sorting room. All those things need to find a good spot to put them. The three stacked plastic boxes underneath the window are still filled with china that I inherited from my grandmother.

Here are my Ikea-Billy shelfs. They will be filled in no time. Of course we don't just have too much china, but as well too many books. lol But that's actually not true. We just had two big extra shelves in Elstal that we had borrowed from campus and now we miss all that storage space that they offered.

Everything is a little messy and chaotic right now, but I am glad to be able to be active and find good solutions. Every evening when Daniel comes home from work there is a visible change in the apartment and that's nice to hear and see. :-)

It's been now 2 1/2 months since all our things were packed in Elstal (that was at September 3rd). That's quite a time and we are glad to sleep again in our own bed. A real mattress is just way more comfy than an air mattress.

I wish you all a good week. Many greetings from my office where I am sitting surounded by boxes.


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