We found the bull!

Dear fellow rollercoaster travelers!

Here comes a very recent event for you guys! :-)

Yesterday I picked up Daniel from his work and had a chance to see "his" new office. He works in the 5th floor of the big building (wall street # 60) that I've already shown you. It is a giant cubicle with very long desks with lots of computers and workers in fancy business clothes. Daniel works with two computer monitors, but one of his colleague had 5! How crazy! A bunch of his colleagues greeted me and welcomed me to the US - they were very nice. I can imagine that soon Daniel will grow into this office and is going to find some friendly people who he can make lunch breaks with.

After Daniel had finished his To-Do's we left the office building and walked through wall street. We passed many tourists and a lot of people in suit and tie. We also saw the stock exchange.

You also know that from TV, where they scream "SELL!" and "BUY!".

We came to the Broadway and took a left.

And there we saw the masses of tourists that surrounded the bull statue.

It was really impossible to get a picture from just the bull alone. So you are getting the real-life-version - how we saw it - people everywhere.

As well a picture from the bulls back side. This side is also very popular. ;-) People are kneeling between the legs of the bull and touch his gem stones. Kinda weird... We didn't take such a pic.

We left the bull and the crowds behind us and walked south. Five minutes later we saw her! Who? The Statue of Liberty!

The sun was already going down and so we just could see her contour. But hello! How cool is that to see the Statue of Liberty in real life?! I was incredibly excited! Here you see a well zoomed picture (even with a helicopter beside it).

I tried to imitate Lady Liberty with my ice cream cone (maybe you recognize that is was pretty windy). On that pic you can also see how far the statue is standing in the water. It would be awesome to use a free Saturday to go out by ferry and see the statue up close (well... or one day make a helicopter flight *yearn*).

Isn't it incredible that Daniel just works a ten minutes walk from the Statue of Liberty (... the view of the Statue of Libery)?! It's super unreal for me, although we were just there yesterday evening.

Something different I found interesting. Across from the Statue of Liberty on the dry land is the following WWII memorial. I don't know the name of it (it's in Battery Park). Ifyou know it, feel free to post it in a comment underneath this blog post.

It has very big stones with many names of the soldiers that fell from 1941 to 1945.

From the Navy, the Marines etc.

Directly pointing to the Statue of Liberty this eagle statue stands.

That's how the entire composition looks: The eagle stands at the head and at the wings are the square stone blocks.

It was wonderful to make such spontaneous sightseeing. Lady Liberty we will see you again! :-)

Many greetings,


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