Today is our wedding anniversary!

Dearest blog readers!

Today is our second wedding anniversary. Many from you celebrated this very special day with us. Thanks for being there, although we just had 6°C (43°F). It was so weird that is was that cold, because the weekend before we had still 20°C (68°F)!

I want to show you a few wedding impressions. It would have been awesome to show even more pictures, but they are all on CDs and external hard drive on the ship (I hope they arrive well). Luckily I had a facebook album that had some wedding pics that I could use. :-)

Daniel and all the guests are waiting for the bride to arrive. Daniel was so nervous and really a little bit afraid that I wouldn't come because it took all so long...

With a very bad cold and just the six degrees (43°F) I made it through the day with tons of ibuprofen. A lot of brides are wishing for awesome weather on their wedding day. But before this wish, they should pray for good health. That's the most important thing of all! 

Our wonderful choir "Zeitzünder" filled the wedding service with beautiful songs - that was such an enjoyment and blessing!

In this pretty looking castle we celebrated - Schloss Boitzenburg in the countryside of Berlin-Brandenburg.

I want at least to show you one picture with some more people on it. This is Daniel and my bridemaids. My two sisters Elisabeth and Sonja, my cousins Ruth and Anne and my very good friend Andrea from Chicago. Today is also her birthday. Happy Birthday dear Andrea! :-)

Isn't Daniel expression awesome?! It is wonderful to see him so happy! Right now he doesn't look so much like that, because since last Thursday he's sick. The story "Visiting a doctor in the US with no health insurance" I'll tell you another time. Today Daniel is back at work and I hope he can make it through the day (honey, did you take ibuprofen with you?). If he's not completely dead when he comes home from work, it would be wonderful to have dinner in a restaurant to celebrate a litte. That would be really nice. But lets see. This year I am kind of healthy and Daniel is sick... maybe next year we are both healthy.

I am spending my day with assembeling Ikea furniture. I've already done a loveseat and when I want to take a break I can sit on a fluffy surface and not - like before - on hard chairs. What a luxury! :-)

I send you all very warm greetings!

Love, Kati

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