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Hello dear blog readers!

Everywhere I can see the American flag. I wonder if that is so often because of being in NYC or if it is like that as well in other big US cities (truth is I don't remember how it was while living in Chicago...). For example it is quite normal to see the German flag in Berlin as the capital, but not very often in other German cities.

Flora & Fauna

Doesn't this look like pretty flowers?

But those aren't acutally flowers, but chilli peppers. Also a neat way to make colorful accents. I bet that no snails would try to eat them up. lol

(Seen at Cetnral Park Zoo)

There's pretty urban gardening and not so pretty urban gardening:

(Seen in Brooklyn when we were on apartment hunt.)

Daniel misses the small forest animals from Elstal. Everyday he could see rabbits, deer, foxes, wild boars etc. In NYC there are just pigeons, rats and squirrels. The squirrels are the cutest of those three. Although there is quite a bunch of them in the public parks and they can get annoying and tr to steal food. I took this pic in Battery Park, but in Central Park we saw many more.


Hurray the ice wagon is here! There I bought my ice cream cone for posing as the Statue of Liberty.

Limousines like that you can see here all the time. I always wonder if somebody known sits in one of them or just a crazy bachelor party. At this one there was a Rolls Royce beside with a bride and groom. So I assumed that the brides maids and grooms men shared that limousine.

The two following pictures are for my friend Daniel H. He is a fire fighter in his freetime and super interested in fire fighter stations and cars. :-)

That's how the logo looks.

I also took a closer shot from one of the buildings. Daniel H., when you are coming for visit we can go inside and ask for a tour. :-)


This Pretzl Store reminded me of my cousin "Anne", because it is spelled with an "e" in the end.

Also I liked the halo above the pretzl. ;-)

This could have been my chance to get some Oktoberfest atmosphere. Do you know that as a Bavarian girl I have never ever been to the Oktoberfest?! I hope to change that one day.


Somehow that stand amused me because the stand owner really tried to use every inch he could. Also just 5 dollars for a hat - a bargain compared to everything else in this city!

I wish you all a very blessed day!

Love, Kati

PS: Now we have all the paperwork for my work permit together and so this process can start. It can take up to 90 days until I get the permit, but I hope it comes earlier. Prayers are highly appreciated! I am really looking forward to get some money for my work. :-)

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