The new apartment

Hello blog readers!

Here you see another picture from our new home. I took the picture so that you cann see our entrance at the left side from the house. We are living in ground level and above us the owner. The left garden door is ours. The big entrance in front of the house is the one from our landlord. It leads directly to his apartment in the 2nd floor.

The garden door is locked and we have to open it with a key. So everything is well protected, which I do like a lot (there are even cameras around the house!).

Behind the garden door you walk straight to our apartment door. In the background you see our trash cans. I am very excited that we have our own trash cans, yay no sharing (I think this excitment comes from things like "Kati, you have to share with your siblings!"-moments lol). Interesting about things I am getting happy, isn't it?! ;-) The blue can is for recycling, gray for the normal trash and green for paper - a lot like it is in Germany, but there is no compost can, we have to put that into the normal trash.

This is our apartment door. In the begining it was quite funny to open this door, because we had to figure out to turn the key to the right side and not to the left... isn't that weird? We just thought "Gee, why is the door not opening?! Are we too stupid to open it?..." Yeah, we were! lol

Here you see the apartment door from the inside. There some blinders built into the door to have more privacy. But if you want to have light, you have to open it. And we do want light, because this door is the only "window" in this room. The small door at the left side is a wall closet (my US readers are now thinking "why are you telling me that Kati? Sure it is a wall closet, what else?! But the European ones won't know, because we usually don't have wall closets). Different than in German apartments or houses, we don't have an aisle that leads into the living room. When you enter the apartment you are standing right in the middle of it. The little grid in the left corner of the floor is the heating / air condition. Every room has that on the floor or in the wall.

This is the 'I am entering the door'-perspective. The entrance room might have 15 square meters (160 square feet). The apartment has three bedrooms. On the picture you see our bedroom door at the left side and another one at the right (the future guest room). The doors in the middle lead to the laundry room. The office is at the very right side. The rooms might be 10 square meters big (108 square feet).

The doors look very pretty. But don't think that this is real wood! I think it is a certain plastic, because the wood pattern is repeating itself on the doors. ;-) But they still look nice and I am grateful that they are white so the aparment seems more friendly, as not so much light enters through the windows.

When you follow the aisle you'll find the kitchen. At the left side is one of the bath rooms (yeah, we are having TWO bath rooms! Isn't that crazy?! AWESOME!!! Dear future NYC-visitors you'll have your own bath room and guest room!).

The laundry room with practical "lets hide the dirty laundry and chaos"-doors. :-) I am so grateful that there is already a washer and dryer and that we don't have to buy new ones! Also I am grateful that I don't have to go to the laundry mat but can wash at home as I want to.

The long tube at the right side is the vacuum cleaner. We have to plug it into the wall and start sucking up the dust. So funny!

The kitchen. It has a lot of cabinet space which is very good!

Right door: fridge, left door: freezer.

You've already seen our bedroom with our fancy shmancy bed. We also "built" some neat bedside tables. Our landlord was so nice and borrowed us some folding chairs and a folding table.

Do you see the door at the left side? That's our master bathroom! Gosh, that's so fancy American!

That's how it looks: Sink, toilet and shower. Sadly there's no bath tub. :-( That would have been my dream, but I don't want to complain because having a second bathroom for guests is awesome.

This apartment is the prettiest one and biggest one of all that we have seen. The only disadvantage is the long commute for Daniel. 1,5 hours to go to Financial district and 1,5 hours back. We are praying that we find a faster and financial possible solution (maybe he coud go with somebody who drives there... we just have to find this special person). That's a big prayer request. Yesterday he had to work longer and just arrived home at 9:30pm. And he had to go to bed at 10pm, because he had to get up again at 6am. Until now we heard that they don't count overtime in the US, so it should be Daniel's challenge to not make overtime at work, but that's very difficult when you work in the financial sector. In those moments I ask myself if it was the right decision to come to this country or if we just have it even more difficult than in Germany. But I want to trust that God gives us what we need. And that means as well time as a couple and enough sleep and free time for Daniel.

Beside the difficulties there are also blessed things to tell.

Our landlord Joe is a wonderful person! He is very friendly (more than the usual American friendliness) and really helps in practical ways. Already two times I could come with him shopping in the car. Also he gave us some folding chairs and tables to use. He even offered to take us to Ikea with his truck so that we can buy what we need and don't have to pay the expensive shipping costs again (we already had ordered a small table and two chairs and for the shipping costs we could have bought another chair!). That's a big reason for being grateful and to give glory to God!

If you wonder why we do need to buy furniture. Yes there will be also furniture coming with the ship (by the way it will arrive mid of November - three more weeks to wait), but we just own a bed and the furniture for my office. We still need a dining table, more chairs and a sofa.

You see how the roller coaster is getting up and down all the time. Just earlier I was crying on the phone when Daniel told me that he won't get paid until mid of November. In those moments I am crying like a little girl and big drops are rolling down my cheeks and I feel so alone, because it is so empty and cold in the new apartment and the way to a normal balanced life seems so far away. But God is good to us. The new apartment is beautiful and we have everything we need - always enough for every day. It's my daily challenge to trust God and to not put my happiness in relation with a warm and pretty furnished apartment *hard*. Starting to live in a new country and start from scratch isn't an easy thing - I tell you! Everything takes longer and is more difficult than in you own country and culture. But I want to walk in faith and that's why I share that. Lets see how things are going tomorrow.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!

I send you many greetings and hope that one day this house is a real home with warmth and joy and then we will be happy to have you as our guest!


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