Our new bed

Dearest blog readers!

We arrived safe in our new apartment in Queens!

As soon as I organized the biggest chaos I will blog more about the move.

As a little starter I want to show you some pictures of our new "bed". (And you also can have a sneak peak at our new bedroom.)

The air mattress came in that bag.

You just have to plug it in and four minutes later the mattress if filled with air.

The mattrass has Queen-Size (ca. 1,50 x 2 m).

Our pillows and the blancket arrived with the cargo plane.

The air mattress is quite comfy. But when Daniel turns around in his sleep the whole thing is shacking and I feel like being in a rubber boat on the stormy sea. ;-) But I think this buy was the right decision. Pricewise (ca. 100 Euro; 135 dollars) and also from the comfy-point. It is a good alternative to a real bed. The good thing is that you can take out the air and then easily store the folded mattress in a closet. So now you know where you can sleep when you will come for visit. ;-)

Warm greetings,


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