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In the beginning: I imagine that I am making a ton of mistakes in the English text! Please just overlook it. Usually I am posting quite in a rush, because I can just do it in between apartment-search, bank organization stuff and other things. Until we are really settled it's probably always being in a rush. So sorry for that, but still enjoy. :-)

Here are quite an amount of photos from Central Park.

The park is more than 4 km long and almost 1 km wide. I really think that you could say that it's an oasis in the concrete desert. If you want to read more about Central Park you can follow the wikipedia link: Click.

Daniel and I went into the park at the hight from the big lake. Do you see the red dot at the right? Just bellow we entered the park at East 85th Street.

When you are entering the park the first thing you see is a street that almost looks like the normal street in traffic. But that street is for cyclers, inline skaters and joggers. There are also traffic lights that you can cross without being overrun.

We walked up north and to our ride (at the "normal street") we saw the Guggenheim Museum. How funny that we see all those cool sights just accidentally. I really like that! :-)

A little bit more up north we had the chance to enter into one of the inner circles of the park. And here we had the awesome view on this lake - the "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir".

We turned south, because I wanted to see all the sights that I know from the movies. :-) Poor Daniel had to come to all of them and heard me saying every 10 minutes "oh, there's something I know from TV!!!" ;-)

Sadly we couldn't see the "Turtle Pond" and the "Belvedere Castle" (I know it from the movie "Stepmom" with Julia Roberts and Susan Serandon), because there was a big concert and the police had locked the whole inner part of the park from 79 to 85 th street (you can see it on the map below). We were just able to walk on the "cycling-jogging-street". We just could get back into the park at the "The Ramble". So we walked through those smaller walkways. To paint a picture: The streets there aren't earth, but pavement. Also the tree and lawn parts are surrounded by knee high fences so that you can't walk through the nature and also that the dogs won't leave anything there. Well, with such crowds of people (hundreds and probably thousands!) that are walking through the park each day this is probably the way to protect the park.

The Lake

After the Ramble we came to the Lake. Lots of little boats and in the background many skyscrapers. That's quite special! The nature so close, but the big city as well.

Doesn't it look idyllic?

In reality it looks like this:

That is the Bow Bridge. People everywhere! More often than you think you hear helicopter noises above the park. But the whole city is overflown (is this an exicting word?) by helicopters all the time. Where we live right now they are passing quite often. It must be fantastic to make a heli-tour over this city! Imagine to fly over the Statue of Libery or close to the Empire State Buidling! How excting! One day.... :-)

The Loeb Boathouse

Next thing on the list was the boathouse (I remembered it well from the movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl).

When we passed we saw through the back windows that a wedding is going  on. But there was also the normal Cafe open and of course the boat rent.

Who feels like standing in line for at least two hours... happy boat ride!

The street leaded us to Bethesda Fountain. That fountain was surrounded by fantastic dancers in the movie "Entchanted" (one of my favourite movies ever!). You already see in this picture, that it is impossible to take photos with no other tourists in them.

Behind the fountain is Bethesda Terrace. Those steps are also very often in movies.

On the bigger park streets are horse carriages and bicycle-carriages. On some of the places are musicians or dance groups and groups of people are watching them.

The Mall

The Mall is the picture I had most often in my head when I heard the word "Central Park". I know it from the movie "Maid in Manhattan" and from a ton of other ones. On the edge of the mall are portrait artists and also art sellers. Every now and then a Hot Dog stand.

In the south from the park you pass some big stones. They are easy to walk up and you have a great view at the skyline.

If you are going closer to the end of the rocks you are seeing "Wollman Ice Skating Rink". In winter you can go ice skating in it.

We also passed by the Central Park Zoo, but it was just open 15 more minutes. Maybe another time we will visit Alex, Marty, Melman und Gloria (the animal from the movie "Madagascar" ;-).

Thank you for your patience! That was quite a long post, I know. And that was just a small part that we saw! Crazy, isn't it?! I really would say that the park is worth a visit. I think it must be a lot of fun to come with the bicycle and suround the whole park.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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