Impressions Central Park

Dearest blog readers!

Last weekend we visited the Central Park. Here are some pictures for you:

I am planning to show you even more photos and also explain a little bit about everything. The last days were very stressful and busy for us. We were occupied with apartment search and "travelled" through Manhatten, Brooklyn and Queens to see apartments and/or neigbourhoods. Today I am home and free to blog again.

Yesterday Daniel had his first day of work in the new job. In the beginning it was all a bit confusing because the transfer from Daniels project from Berlin was not that smooth as planned. But I think it will just take some days and then everything will work better. In the coming weeks he will be still working with his colleagues in Berlin and London. So there's not such a rough change, besides the new city, the new building and new office colleagues.

Here you see a picture from him. That was right before he left for work. Before we took the flight to NYC we went to the designer-outlet in Elstal and shopped suits, shirts and ties so that he is appropriately dressed for wall street (good bye too big and old shirts - welcome slim fit ones!).

I send you all many greetings and there are tons of more things to tell and show, but that will come step by step. ;-)


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