Halloween is everywhere

Hey there blog readers!

I am glad that today I found some time to blog and share more about our life here in NYC. The past days were filled with assembling furniture and many other things. So the time flyed by so fast.

For two weeks we are living in Queens and all that time we could see already Halloween decoration in our neighbours gardens and windows. I really find that quite entertaining, because it is so incredibly American and also often cheesy. I think Daniel doesn't care at all for those things, but I am a crazy snap photo shooter and pulling out my cell phone all the time to take pictures (I am so grateful that this cell phone mess is cleared now and that I have the luxury of a functioning phone!).

Ready for the photo-show?

Ghosts, thomb stones, pumpkins and above all two American flags. I asked our landlord what it means when people put out the flags at their porches and he said that this means that the family has at least one person in the army. The flags show that this family supports the US troops. So dear American readers - feel free to correct me if there is more to it. I always thought it is pure patriotism.

Besides funny ghosts and smiling pumpkins you can also find green witches ...

... and even flying objects and a Frankenstein.

The big spider web is pretty impressive. Quite an eye catcher with the ton of spiders they put into it (those Americans.... lol).

That snap shot I took at night. So it was even funnier for me to see those mini-skeletons in the bush and the giant spider on top of the middle bush. What is kinda scary too, is the dry flower decoration in that window... gee and all those stickers...

Scarecrows are also very popular!

Sadly Daniel and I are already too grown up to ring on doors of strangers and ask for candy (one reason more to have children haha). I am really curious how something like that might feel. I hope we can at least make a walk when Daniel comes home from work and check out the costumes of the people (oh no, I hope it's not bad that we don't have costumes!).

Nobody will can ring at our door, because we don't have a bell outside the garden gate. That's quite practical, because I have no clue how ths whole halloween ritual works, besides handing out candy. It's also positive that we didn't have to spend so much money on sweets.

A disadvantage of not having a bell outside is that it can happen that the mail man just throws your package across the fence. Our poor iron! I hope it didn't get damaged (PS: Remember the funny vaccum cleaner tube? It works awesome and really does reach every corner of the apartment!).

At the end of the blog post I wanna share a song with you that is in my heart and mind a lot. It really expresses my thankfulness towards God for all the help and support he gives us every day.

Halleluja, Salvation and Glory

My dear Elstal girlfriends know that song in their sleep, but I still think they like to hear it again. :-)

Some are saying "Happy Halloween". Let me be quite German and say "Happy Reformation Day" or even better "Happy Birthday my dear brother Jan - I love you buddy!".

Many, many scary greetings!

Kati ;-)

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