Chrysler Building & Flatiron Buildiing

Hello blog readers! :-)

As I promissed some pics of the Chrysler Building.

I walked by it several times in the past weeks, but there was never light blue sky. :-( The Chrysler Building was finished in 1930 and is 319 meters (1,046 ft) high - until antenna spire.

I took this picture when the sun went down:

When it is really dark outside there's wonderful lighting in the tip of the building. I took a shot another night, but sadly it's blurry.

I walk by this building when I have my Weight Watchers class on Monday: Flatiron Building.

Across from it I could see again the Empire State Building. It was opened in 1931 and with the hight of 443 meters it outgrew the Chrysler Building. A few nights back the tip had different purple lights - very pretty.

The buildings look so much better, when there's blue sky and sunshine! Don't you think?

I wish all of you such a beautiful sky! Here it has been a while since. The weather is often very grey... I will eat up all my food on the plate and hope the good weather comes back soon! ;-)

Love, Kati

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