All good things come in threes

Hey there blog readers!

Today we are having our third move.

Quick view back:
1st from the J.-G.-Oncken-Street to the vacation rental (that was in Elstal, close to Berlin);
2nd from the vacation rental to the business apartment in Manhattan and
3rd from Manhattan to Queens.

Goodbye Manhattan

Hello Queens!

We are gratful for all your prayers. That we can stay calm during that busy day. In the morning I will take bus and train to the new apartment and be there to receive the things from the cargo plane, as well as the internet installing person. I also hope that it works out that we are having gas and electricity. Daniel has to work normally and will come by car in the evening with our luggage from the business apartment.

The air mattress arrived and I really hope that it is in good condition. I couldn't try it because it was just too small here, but I will figure it out in the new space. At Ikea we ordered online a small table and two chairs that will arrive on Saturday.

Step by step the things come together. We even have our social security numbers. :-)

Many greetings,


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