The view

Dear blog readers!

The building we are living in has 35 floors. We visited the roof top and secretly checked out the view from it (acutally it was just for authorized personnel).

The last steps we had to walk up.

Our neighbours have an awesome terrace. Not bad!

I think the big houses across the East River belong to Queens. I took the picture around 7am when the sun was rising.

The East River. Below left you see Brooklyn.

Beside the building are some big streets. There are ALWAYS traffic noices. You hear it louder during the day and a little less loud during the night. In between there are police sirenes or honking ships. New York City - the city that never sleeps.

In the distance we could see some skyscrapers from the financial district. Here I zoomed to the Freedom Tower.

On the right hand I saw those buildings, but I don't know what they are. But they are nice though. :-)

And here the treat for the end:

When we are leaving the apartment building and look to the right side we see this skyscrpaer.

Well, who knows what building it is?

It is the Empire State Building! Insn't that carzy?!

Yesterday we walked there and it took us 15 minutes. But we just passed it, because we were on the way to our Weight Watchers meeting (we don't wanna gain all the weight we lost in the past half year - in total Daniel lost 20 kg and I lost 16 kg).

Until nex time! I wish you a great day!



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