The big journey

Dearest blog readers!

First of all: Daniel and I arrived safe in New York City. But unfortunately we have very strong jet lag. Yesterday we woke up at 4am (German time: 10am; Portuguese time: 9am) and were incredibly tired and went to sleep at 6pm New York time.

Friday, 19th September

Last Friday we had ordered a big taxi that picked us up in Elstal at 10am. We had so many suitcases because we traveled with business class! (one of my life dreams became reality - so wonderful! :-) That was great news for us. Not just for having more space for the legs, but as well for taking more luggage.

For comparison:

Economy: 1 x 23 kg + 1 x 8 kg hand luggage per person

Business: 2 x 32 kg + 2 x 8 kg hand luggage

After we checked in the big suitcases, I saw this advertisement from Airberlin and had to take a picture (for your info: we flew with Airberlin).

Because we flew with business class we were allowed to go into the business lounge. That was super nice. First because it was more quiet than in the busy airport and scecond because we could eat and drink without paying for it. :-)

Something funny I saw (at least I found it funny): A vending machine for contact lenses. I didn't know that something like that exists.

Lots of different possibilities. How about the right one at the bottom? Then you could scare the flight attendants. ;-)

Ready to board to New York City at 1pm...

 ... New York JFK

Here we are sitting in our business class seats (or should I say thrones? ;-). It was like a little nest and felt more private than usually. We had a "couples seat" in the middle of the aisle. Around us were single seats. So nobody had a direct neighbour - lots of privacy for those business travelors.

Across from our seats were small stools where you can put your feet. Plus the little table and the screen.

The seats are very adjustable. You can even make them into a bed. There was also a massage function! But it wasn't that awesome as I had hoped (haha, I know I'm complaining at a very high level ;-).

Because we didn't have to wait that long in the line we had lots of time to read before the plane started. Have a look what Daniel is reading.

The flight time was nine hours because we didn't have the wind in our favor. But the time passed so fast, because it was so super comfy and so nice. And the food was awesome as well! For 1st and business class a super chef is preparing the meals. I was never thinking about star food in a plane before. Well, but I'd loved it!

I really enjoy taking pictures of food and here are some for you. :-) (If you don't like food pictures just scroll down where it says "So much food...".)

My Appetizer: Stuffed Chicken Roulade with Mushroom Salad and Grape Mustard Confit.

Daniels Appetizer: Marinated Tilapia Fish Fillet with a delicate Orange-Carrot Salad and Mint.

Our Hot Dish: Lemon marinated Prawns in spicy Sauce Hollandaise "Sansibar" with homemade Tagliatelle and Spinach (there were four different hot dish options!).

There was even a tiny salt and pepper shaker. Too cute!

Dessert: Homemade Apple Pie

One hour before arrival we had a cold meal. This time it was a menu and we didn't have different options (haha, I still wouldn't say that this was bad! ;-)

Fillet of Pork in a Coat of Petals accompanied by Wild Mushrooms and Orange Mustard Confit.

Red Cherry Grits with Poppy Seed Dumpling.

Cracked Parmesan Cheese with black Kalamata Olives.

We could choose from seven different wines for our meals. But also lots of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. When I saw the menu in the beginning (yes, each of us had a menu card and later the flight attendant came up and took our order!), I started crying. That was just to good to be true for me. All those past weeks of stress and I had waited for that moment in the business class. I had told myself "Then you can rest Kati". All that luxury just was too much for my emotions. I was and am very grateful for that special flight experience! Thanks to the Deutsche Bank that my dear husband and I could fly business class!

So much food, a nap and three movies later we landed at 4pm New York time (in Portugal it was 9pm and for our inner German time it was 10pm). Then the not so nice part began. With hundreds of other people from all over the world we had to stand in the longest line of our life (even longer than the lines in the water slide park at Algarve!). We thought that might take at least three hours until we can show our passports to the officer. Gladly it took "just" half of it. We had to give our finger prints and a photo was taken from officer Smiley (yes, that was really his name!). Also we had to tell why we want to enter the US and what we plan to do here. Everything went well and I took the officers name as a prophetic sign. ;-)

After it we looked for our luggage and were happy that everything arrived in good condition. (Thanks to God!) After officer Smiley, we met officer Grumpy (that was not his real name). He asked me if I plan to leave my computer in the US. That was so ridiculous for me that I was laughing and saying "no". He took it as an offense and I already saw hand cuffs popping up in my mind. Thankfully he accepeted my one zillion apologies and we could pass. The roller coaster never stops!

Sadly there was no Welcoming Committee with big signs and lots of cheer. :-( (I know I am so spoiled from Andrea and Nathan - thanks guys that you always came for me!!!)

We had to find a taxi that was big enough for all our luggage. Gladly we got one. A gentleman with a turbant that had a similar accent to Raj from the tv show "The Big Bang Theory" brought us from JFK airport in Queens to the apartment in Manhattan.

During the 40 minutes drive we learned about the yellow and the black taxis (we had a black one - see picture). About how long he lives in NYC and where he's from India and about his faith (Sikhism). Don't think that he was talking like a water fall. It was us (well... I) that asked most of the questions. But he seemed to like it.

Around 7:30pm we arrived at the apartment complex (P: 00:30am; G: 1:30am) and at 2am German time with arrived in our new home. We were so tired and just searched for our tooth brushes and went to bed immediately.

How the apartment looks and where it it, I'll tell you in the coming blog post.

Many, many greetings from Daniel and Kati

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