Short visit at the Wall Street

Dearest blog readers!

Last Tuesday we went to apply for our social security number (I think that is the most important number in the US). The office was close to the wall street. Daniels employer - Deutsche Bank - is using a firm to help us with all of those important paper work things in the beginning (New York City Navigator). It's not a special service for us, but for all the employees from Deutsche Bank from all over the world, that come to live and work in NYC. A woman from the New York City Navigator company was waiting for us and already had picked a waiting ticket, so we just had to wait around 15 minutes and filled out some paper work until we could go to the desk of the officer.

Our biggest problem with all of those state matters is the lenghts of Daniels last name (Daniel Guedes da Costa Neves Carrapa - two last names from his mom's side and two from his dad's side). This last name is just too long for their computer systems. That's why right now there's a part of his last name missing in the US-computer-documentation. I really do hope that he gets his social securtiy number soon. Because with those name-problems it takes more time to go through the process. At least my name was no problem, because it is shorter (so you know, it's not always about the length ;-).

Afterwards we went to open a bank account. We couldn't do it at Deutsche Bank, because they don't have retail banking in the US as they do have in Germany. So we are at HSBC now - this bank was recommended to us. It took almost two hours to open that account. The bank needed lots and lots of paperwork - the man said they are so strict now, because of September 11.

Hopefully in ten days we will have our social security numbers. And until then we should have our bank cards as well. With that social security number we have to go to the bank again and show it there and sign ALL the paperwork - that we already signed - again (high security!).

After all those super important things we searched where exactly wall street is and walked there. It was very close. We wanted to have a sneak peak at Daniel's new work. :-)

In this skyscraper Daniel will work beginning October 1st.

Wall Street number 60

Sadly we didn't see more of the Wall Street for right now. We actually wanted to look for the bull sculpture that we know from television, but our hunger for food was bigger and after lunch we saw something evern more exciting (at least for me). I'll tell you about it in the coming blog posts. ;-)

Many greetings,


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