Our new apartment

Dear family and friends!

Are you curious where we are living right now? :-)

I start from way above and then come closer. The ones from you that already have been to New York (or are Americans) can scroll down.

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Here's a picture from the US with its 50 states. The red one is New York State.

A closer look.

The red dots are New York City.

New York City consits out of five boroughs (see picture). Our apartment is in Manhattan. It is a business apartment and we can live in it for four weeks. Daniels employer - Deutsche Bank - is paying for the rent (we could never afford the Manhattan rental prices!). During those four weeks we hope to find an own apartment with help of a real estate agent. I could imagine to live in Brooklyn, but we have to see and learn what really is financially possible for us (this city is very expensive!).

We are living where the red balloon is.

Central park seems not so far away... well it seems. :-)

Out of the google earth perspective.

In front uf our apartment building is the East River. Across from it we can see Queens and Brooklyn.

This is the building. It has A LOT of apartments!

We are living in the 8th floor.

You have to open two locks.

When you enter the apartment you are right standing in the living room area. Beside that is the dining area.

At the left side is the kitchen.

It feels like the kitchen consists just out of a giant fridge. At latest here you realize that you are in the US.  ;-)

That's quite an oven compared to our small German ones. ;-)

The fridge comes with a water filter and so we are happy that we don't have to buy water. First we were happy to not carry heavy water bottles, but now that we know the grocery store prices we are happy to save that money as well.



That was it. The apartment is quite bigger than the vacation rental. Maybe you regongnized it. ;-)

A little comparison for you: View out of the vacation rental in Elstal: Elstal forest

View from the new apartment: East River

Both views have their pro and cons. Nothing is better than the other - it is just a big difference!

And what is all of this doing to me?

Although I lived for seven months in the US it's very different this time. We moved here now! No address anymore in Germany. We couldn't just say "Wow, how crowed, loud and expensive, lets hop back to Berlin." (not that we are thinking that)

I think the cultural shock started when we left the Airberlin plane. And slowly the shock hits me/us. We are trying to deal with all the impressions and the differences and adapt to them. The number that comes to my mind is 1 1/2. Because 1 1/2 years is the minimum that Daniel has to work in his new job so that all the expenses will balance (Visa, move, flights, business apartment).

It's not so much about saying what's negative or positive, but about handling the differences. Some of them aren't that big of a deal for us (language, plug ins, shower works different...), but others effecting us more (jet lag, costs of groceries, finding healthy food...).

My friend Samantha told me "The soul travels by foot.". I wonder where my soul is in this moment. Maybe it takes a break on one of the benches on Elstal Campus and trying to realize what's happening here right now. I hope and pray, that it can figure out the way across the ocean. Daniel says that his soul is alreadyhere (yeah, sure! Isn't he sweet?!). We will see how everything will be. Beside all those things I have emotional moments. Actually I'm quite an emotional person, but in life situations like now I tend to function and push my emotions away unconsciously. My body is in the "function mode" and keeps everything running (kind of a robot Kati). I long for finding back to a healthy life balance. Where I am and not just function. But I know that will happen eventually. Daniel and I are both great in adapting and we will figure it all out. And also it came to my mind today that it's not just Daniel and I but also God. He came with us into this new phase of our lifes. We can manage that!

I wish you all a very blessed week!

Much love,


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