Moving overseas & US consulate

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Goodbye Elstal Campus

In the first week of September we moved out of our apartment on th campus from my university. The campus managemnt needed our apartment for the new students and so we just were allowed to stay until September 5th.

The weeks before we visited Daniels family in Portugal and afterwards my family in my hometown Bamberg. We came back on Sunday, August 31st and right away started we preparing the move. Daniel could take some "vacation" days from work to help with the move. It was good to work together and that I wasn't all by myself (because I also brought a cold from Bamberg and needed more breaks than usually).

Monday: Packing

Tuesday: More packing and moving with our plane-luggage-stuff into a vacation rental on campus (they made us a affordable deal - thank God!)

Wednesday: The oversea moving company came and took all our things (the biggest part will be delivered in a ship and some things in a cargo plane).

Thursday: Painting the apartment white, putting out the carpets and all that horrible glue that was still on the floors underneath them (the horror!!!)

Friday: CLEANING; CLEANING; CLEANING - and giving back the apartment to the responsible person (I was so glad that he was satisfied with our painting and cleaning job!)

Saturday: Organizing the vacation rental (it was a hot mess!)

Sunday: A quick rest

Monday: US-consulate

The oversea moving company came with that gigantic car (20-tons), but they didn't fill the whole truck with our things. Haha, we don't own that much. ;-)

Three strong men came and wrapped our things in seven hours.

On the pic you can see that they used this platic-bubble-wrapping-stuff. For protection against humidity on the ship and also against scratching etc.

Here you see our wonderful bed in many parts. Goodbye comfy bed! I will see you in two months (that's how long the container needs until it arrives in the US).

They filled 1/3 of the truck.

Vacation Rental

This is the vacation rental that we are living in right now. It's a tiny apartment that is actually one room and it has a small bath room. But we are glad that we could move just 3 minutes from the other apartment.

There is as well a mini-kitchen, that functions for very simple cooking.


Last Monday we went to the US-Consulate in Berlin. Everything went well and they confirmed that we will get our visa. We had to leave our passports there and they said they will mail them to us, when they are ready with the visa stamps.

Thank you for all your prayers! We are very grateful that we could manage that crazy moving-week and that we are still alive and with strength (not super strong, but ok).

Many, many greetings from Kati and Daniel

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