Grocery shopping in one of the most expensive cities of the world

Dear blog readers!

We had our first grocery shopping experience at the chain Fairway. That was quite a shocker for us, because it was so pricey! But actually people had told us that Fairway is in the middle price range. In the last two days we figured out why that is: Everything in NYC is super expensive in the stores, because the store rents are so high in this city and so the stores need to put that on their product to get the money back.

Luckyly we found another chain: Trader Joe's. And this one is way more affordable. It's still pricey compared to Germany, but not as expensive as Fairway. We already checked out where the Aldis are, but they are too far away to just go there (Lidl will just open in 2015 - we are looking forward to it ;-). Another time we'll take the metro to go there. We are also happy owners of two metro cards and can use public transportation now. Yay!

Here are some pictures for you from our shopping experience at Fairway:

 Portuguese Rolls

German Rolls

Irish Butter, that we love to eat in Germany. It's my favourite brand there and so we bought a piece of it. :-)

Also in NYC is Oktoberfest atmosphere in the stores. lol

We just bought the most expensive toilet paper in our lifes! And that was on of the "cheaper" ones there - $ 10.99! We really have to start couponing!

There exists also biblical breakfast cereal. ;-)

Well the serving idea looks different than the bible verse recommends... hm... but as long as it tasts good. ;-)

It is really interesting how good it feels to see something that you know. It doesn't matter if it's the Kerrygold butter or Nutella ($20 for a tiny glas!). Somehow, then, my brain has a break for a second and I don't have to think what that thing in front of my nose is - I can just buy it or not. How important are such little islands of familiar things in a strange environment!

Sure it's exciting to get to know new things, but afterwards it's nice as well to have routines, that you can do without using too much brain and just repeat them. I'm looking forward to such routines, but until now it's learning time.

I got a nice calender from one of my friends and it says the following thing:

"The person that is able to be happy about something today, shouldn't wait until tomorrow."

We are trying as much as possible to be happy about the small things in life and to do the more chaotic things with serenity. Thank God that we found Trader Joe's! I am also glad that Daniel is just starting his new job at Oct 1st. So we have time right now to learn those new lessons together - without the stress of the working-day-life.

I'm sending all of you many greetings!


PS: I thank all my friends that are helping us to adjust here! Thank you guys!!!

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