Funny things

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We saw a lot of these: Parks Dog Run.

Sometimes it looks like a little park other times it is just out of concrete with a fence. The dogs can run around in it. Here's a sign with all the rules:

As I am used to having a lot of outdoor space from living in Elstal (fields, woods...), it is a little strange to see such things for dogs. But it's only logical that the ownder can't let their dogs run in between the busy streets and where all the high buildings are. So a "Dog Run" is a practical thing for city life.

Another thing I liked: A solar charging station. What a great idea!

"Street Charge"

Now you just have to hope that they have the right cable for your cell phone or tablet there. ;-)

I bet there's tons of other funny things (or at least funny things for Germans or just for me). I am quite excited what else is there. Daniel already found it exciting to see one of those yellow school buses. We don't have such ones in Germany or Portugal and - again - just know them from the American movies. Well, but such a yellow school bus is already normal for my eyes from my time in Chicago. How funny what people find interesting.

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