First view on the Brooklyn Bridge

Hello there blog readers!

As I already have told you we didn't go on searching for the bull statue at wall street. The reason why, was that I saw the water of the Eat River from the distance (between all those skycrapers). When we came closer, we saw the Brooklyn Bridge. I am quite excited about that bridge, because from the influence of television this is what I connect mostly with NYC (right after the statue of liberty).

Glad my camera has a zoom. ;-)

Across the river is the watchtower building (= Jehovah's Witnesses). I wonder what happens when you come across the bridge. Maybe you'll get a welcome-watchtower on the hand. ;-)

We walked closer to the bridge to have a better look (and the weather was just awesome!).

When we will have time again for a little sight seeing, I'd love to walk across that bridge!

Although there was such wonderful weather during that day, we hardly couldn't enjoy it in between all those skyscrapers. The sun just won't arrive down there and so it's quite chilly in between those darker streets. But in the sun in was super hot. How crazy is that?! It's good that we know that for future trips - this means "layer look".

I send you all warm greetings!


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