Fast Food can be so delicious!

Hello blog readers!

After all the office stuff we were very hungry. This Irish restaurant looked as it could help us to change that circumstance. :-)

Right when we entered we were welcomed by the owner and guided to a table. Paul - that was his name - is Irish and has lived for more than 40 years in the US. Surprisingly he still has his Irish accent. After we finished lunch he came to our table and sat a little bit with us to talk about this and that. That was so nice! :-)

It was funny that part of the bread looked and tasted like our German Christmas Stollen.

Here's a pic from the two very hungry adventurers.

Daniel had a "Grilled Turkey Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese". (Explanations for the Non-Americans: Do you see the red and green dots on the melted cheese? Those are the pepper pieces.)

I had "Crispy Chicken Ceasar Wrap with Chipotle Mayo and Waffle Fries".

For dessert we shared a piece of Chocolate Mousse Cake. (Yeah, because the main course didnt't have yet enough calories. ;-)

Now you sure think - "Yeah, you are doing Weight Watchers and wanna lose weight... sure!". If you are making Weight Watchers you can also eat stuff like that, but just not every day, but sometimes it is ok. ;-)

But you have to be self disciplined and stop eating when you are full. Because the American portion sizes are just very big!

But it was very tasty and what would life be without eating stuff like that once in a while?! :-)

Many fast-foody greetings,


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